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    2005 and 2006 Ford GT PRICES GOING UP!!!!!

    Good point. I drive my yellow 06 and have 15K miles on it and have enjoyed everyone one of them. I said from the beginning after buying it, (what good to me is owning the car if it's setting in a garage still new when I'm dead). I drive and enjoy although sparingly.
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    Another way to get around.

    I fly airplanes and helicopters, I would much rather have an emergency in a helicopter than an airplane any day. They don't really drop like a rock, it's more like a heavy feather.
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    9th Annual Barrett-Jackson GT Forum Dinner

    My wife and I own a yellow/black stripe 06 and we are attending BJ this year. Let me give it some thought sounds like fun. Jan Byrd
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    GT pull behind trailer and hitch on e-bay

    I am selling my pull behind trailer and custom hitch I used behind my 06 GT. This trailer and hitch works fantastic. Mounts between rear frame rails and rear bumper reinforcement bar with original bolts. No drilling needed. Item number, 191426624934, check it out...
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    Halfshaft Bolt Failures and Customer Satisfaction Program

    Mine is one of the last build which was the last of June 06. I took mine to the local Ford dealer and they didn't have any way or thought they didn't have a way to jack it up properly. I'm actually glad they called me instead of trying something stupid and causing damage. I talked them into...
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    OEM Goodyear F1 Rear Tires

    I replaced my rear GY's at 7K which I attributed to a little spinning you might call it. I have been a little easier on my second set and am showing aggressive wear again with 12K. Looks like another set of rears are going to be needed again at 14K miles. Is this normal or do I have an...
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    Rally 6....

    Is there a headquarters hotel already planned and if so how do I contact them? Jan Byrd.
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    Oil Level

    Not meaning to ask the stupidest question ever, but when is it correct to check the oil level? When the engine is off and the oil has had a chance to drain down, if it does at all being a dry sump system? Or when it is at an idle? After changing the oil and installing 9.5 qts when the engine...
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    Rally to Rally 5 from St.Louis

    Frank didn't hear from you and we have been gone to TN last few days getting back Sat evening. We drove up to Drury Sun evening but couldnt' find anyone around. Asked at the desk but they couldn't help with out names of people registered. Went to your house about 7ish but didn't see anything...
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    Rally to Rally 5 from St.Louis

    Rally I live about 50 miles south of you and own a yellow 06 GT. I would like to run up Sunday evening and say hi if you guys are going to be around somewhere. Drop me a phone call if you get this message so we can figure out a time and place to hook up. I would like to show you the hitch I...
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    GT coffee table?

    Can you guys direct me to an order form for the coffee tables? I seen it on here recently. I have a yellow table which I bought a couple of years ago but would like to guy a wall mount. Jan.
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    Come to Southern IL and I'll fix it for you. Jan.
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    A milestone for Dave Z

    The trailer is going to allow me to put more miles of enjoyment on mine now too. J Byrd.
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    Engine heat affecting clamshell??

    What to sell your rear bumper? J Byrd.
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    GT pull behind trailer

    I think that if a cop sees a GT going by pulling a trailer he is going to forget his radar readings completely. Think? J Byrd.