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The Deka battery you posted about for the GT earlier this year. The measurements are a bit bigger than the Red Top.
Figment was no issue?
Thank you
It fit very well. Here's a link to a picture of my installation. Be careful not to lean your elbow on the fender when you lift the heavy battery into the car. The aluminum fender will bend/dent.
Whats Latest Battery Advice? | The Ford GT Forum
Looking forward to the install with my kid holding 1/2 the weight.
Thnx again!
Doug, somehow I blew out a face weld on my passenger-side catalytic converter. Gary removed his cats when he installed the long pipes on your GT. What did he do with his cats? Do you have them by chance? I don't and I'm sure Amy doesn't. If he threw them away I'll never forgive him! Enjoy the Rally.

Hi Howard, yes, he kept everything, including the cats. I am going to hold onto them though, in case I return it to stock (not likely) or if Florida starts emission testing (geez, I hope not) or if god forbid I am forced to move to a place like California. I still haven't heard what the car sounds like driving from the outside. Looking forward to the rally. You up in the northeast for the summer?