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Still working on the LA motorcycle fracture club. Have 3 contractors building houses 145 degrees around my house. 3 car wide street. This has been going on for 2+ years. I hate them all! GT has 6500 miles on it, can't get it on the street without putting up and taking down a modular ramp twice and with contractor trucks everywhere, it's impossible to get on street except for Sundays. Things are good!
The service shop here (Calgary) is having some trouble finding an OEM clutch to fill the hole where the broken Spec one came out. Any leads?
GT Tech
GT Tech
That is almost the hardest part to find. They have been out of service for years and anyone having an extra one is hanging on to it for dear life. You might try Stillen, as they had a batch made some years ago, but I would think they will be all gone by now. SPEC is about the only option at this point. Sorry