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Ps- I do not have a transaxle cooler...do you have the right transaxle fluid to do a complete change of that too. 2006 Ford GT Ricado
Hello Kendall and Ryan,
I have not talked with you guys since you helped with the purchase of Dr. Dave Gilliland's red/white stripe about two years ago. Mike Dodd and I are doing an oil change on my car and he said that I should get a few things from you. Do you have in stock:
1) the Fumoto oil valve (with nipple for hose)
2) Magnetic oil drain plug
3) Magnetic transmission fluid drain plug
Hey there viper04. I wouldn't ship your car to any auction house. You should absolutely try and sell it yourself or consign it with a Canadian dealer. If you sell it yourself you won't have to charge GST so you might wind up with extra money in your pocket.
I don't suppose the car you are selling is a Blue/White or a Quicksilver/Black car? I wound up buying a White/Blue which was my 3rd choice.

Red white stripe . I think private will be the first avenue. Thanks for the advice
I have a 2006 Ford GT that Rich Brooks serviced. I have been trying to get in touch with him since February, but no luck. is he ok? Could you tell me how to get in touch with him? My horn button has got lots of spots. Who can fix it?