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  • hello i am looking for the front trunk gas springs shocks( right and left) for the FORD GT 2005 part # 5G7Z16C826A.
    Do you have them
    I have been trying to buy your oil drain convenience kit through your Cooltech website. I got struts from you about a year ago. When I did, an account must have been created but I don't recall entering a password at that time. Now it won't send me a RESET password to my email (mciljohn@gmail.com). I have also sent a message via "contact us" and got no response. Perhaps you can help?
    Ps- I do not have a transaxle cooler...do you have the right transaxle fluid to do a complete change of that too. 2006 Ford GT Ricado
    Hello Kendall and Ryan,
    I have not talked with you guys since you helped with the purchase of Dr. Dave Gilliland's red/white stripe about two years ago. Mike Dodd and I are doing an oil change on my car and he said that I should get a few things from you. Do you have in stock:
    1) the Fumoto oil valve (with nipple for hose)
    2) Magnetic oil drain plug
    3) Magnetic transmission fluid drain plug
    I sent you guys and email and a website communication about an oil change on Dr. David's car.
    I have a 2006 Ford GT that Rich Brooks serviced. I have been trying to get in touch with him since February, but no luck. is he ok? Could you tell me how to get in touch with him? My horn button has got lots of spots. Who can fix it?
    Kendall and Ryan
    Its time for my 20,000 mile service on my GT. When would be a good time for you some time in the next month. Give me a call at 661-644-2657 or pm me at flygt40@me.com. Thanks Barry Weber FLYGT40
    Kendall and Ryan

    When Can I get My GT in for a 15000 mile service. also If I were to order the Bridgstones could I have them shipped to your place and installed by you. Thanks Barry Weber 661-644-2657 or b.kw@ca.rr.com or pm me back at FLY GT40
    Hello Kendall
    HHGT said you may be able to help me . I am after a bearing rebuild kit for the gen 1 whipple,mind is rumbling,I e-mailed whipple no reply yet do you know if I can buy the kit or should I just strip it down and try to sorce the bearings individualy I am in New Zealand so I don't have time to send it back to whipple,
    any help would be apreciated
    Neil Hodgson aka NZ05GT
    Kendall and Ryan
    Could I get my Gt into you guys to do a 10,000 mile service, oil,filter,transoil,change drain plugs to your mag plugs, install batt tender, add freon, and anything else you think I need. I would like to get it done before the end of June.
    Thanks Barry Weber FLY GT40 661-6442657 or b.kw@ca.rr.com or PM me.
    Always interested in new cars. Keep me posted. are you coming to the So Cal FGT rally on May 16th starting in Pala?

    Kendall and Ryan
    Thanks for the check out on my gt. The peace of mind seeing that things are back where they should be will give the comfidance to drive her again.
    Thanks Barry FLY GT40:thumbsup
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