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  • Still working on the LA motorcycle fracture club. Have 3 contractors building houses 145 degrees around my house. 3 car wide street. This has been going on for 2+ years. I hate them all! GT has 6500 miles on it, can't get it on the street without putting up and taking down a modular ramp twice and with contractor trucks everywhere, it's impossible to get on street except for Sundays. Things are good!

    I planned to join the cruise in a couple weeks...FGT obviously. My son recently purchased a beautiful low miles F360. Would he be welcome, or should I not mention it to him? I understand either way.....

    Thanks, Ross
    Hi Eric,

    Do you remember me? Charles, the scientist with the dying wife, LA?

    Drive to Palm Springs a while ago through the back side....drove to the 10 together...

    Have survived, built a house, put in a lift with both George and the 911 Turbo. Would be nice to contact. Always take G out for an "workout" and would be interested to see familiar people; I think I remember Bony on the trip..

    10k miles...

    ps- hope u r well.
    Hey Eric,
    How you been brother?
    When are we going to get out on a ride?
    I saw your post saying you are looking for some garage space. If that is true, I am starting to look at some space in the SF valley or down in the South Bay. I need about 1,000 Sq Ft and it seems that is available for around 1,000/month depending on location. How much do you want/need? Maybe we could pool efforts and get something together.
    Let's get together!
    AtomicGT: i saw your post from last year regarding the Griot's rubber driveway ramps. i was thinking about buying a set so when i get my GT, i am already set. But your post set off a red flag. did you ever get them to work? if not, what did you end up doing?

    if you still have them, are you interested in selling them? my curb is only 2 3/4" deep so i THINK they will bridge the gap for me. please email me at or call my cell 949 547 2719.
    You're invited to register for the Ford GT SuperCar Meet in Orange County, CA. This event is presented by Barrett-Jackson Auctions. 5 days of fun with fellow GT Owners. This event takes place June 23 - 27, 2010.

    • Car Registration includes: Admission to the O.C. Barrett-Jackson Auction
    • Admission to the Gala Night Event at Barrett
    • A special parking area for the Ford GT registered cars
    • A Ford GT Supercar event Tommy Bahama style shirt. Each registered
    • Petersen Automotive Museum Tour with Special Parking for GT's
    • An Autocross at the California Speedway NASCAR track (Awards for top cars)
    • Hilton Hotel in H.B. Meet & Greet
    • a Cruise up Pacific Coast Highway
    • A tour of Carroll Shelby's shop w/ a charity auction

    For more information please check out the event at
    Doc, I hope you are not on another of your out of country trips on Aug. 2. Tell me you can make it!
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