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  • Neil, Sorry to here you are having difficulties, and that does not sound right but I do not know for sure how out of country works. I know when a car is transferred out of state, they can do it on MSO with a transportation Bill of Lading. We just did one that way for Aloha GT with a car bought here in California but going to be registered in Hawaii. I would think this would be the same for out of country. As soon as a carrier picks it up wiith an out of state destination, I would think there should be no taxes due to California. You mau want to PM Aloha GT from the forum here to see what he had in the way of paperwork for out of state.
    N eil, are we set with chris...i have 2 other former gt40 owners would like c hris out front........gtjoey1314 and a bio on you too,,,i will add it in.......enjoy gtjoey
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