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  • Joey,
    There's a GT listed on BAT, 05' no. 0435. I recall that some of the early GT's had cracks in the front uprights and leaks with the rear main seal. Were those issues fixed by that serial no.? We lost our two GT's (and your book!) in the Colorado wildfires so looking to replace them. Do you know which forum member was tracking the GT serial no.'s so that I can relay the demise of those two cars to him?
    Read my visitor message. Then see if you can get it posted to the mainline forum. I haven't figured that one out yet. Any advice on how I can directly post the message for public display on the whole forum?

    Carlisle Pug


    I am going to a show. The show is put on by Ford Motor Company and SVT. If anybody is interested in attending the show with me, here is the information.
    August 4, 2012 @ Indianapolis Indiana, "Event at the Hanger." There will be an open track that can be used to run your car on. You can call 1-317-861-6017 for additional information and to let them know you are coming. This event is strictly for Ford GT's and GT Owners.
    RE: New Ford GT.... Not spreading any rumors but my conversation was with the president if Shelby American and their head if engineering. They raised the topic and to me it sounded like the conversation has already happened with Ford and is continuing to happen. Shelby is bummed all the after market mods bypass them and they would take a standard GT like they do a Mustang and make limited numbers of special models like they do their Supersnake etc.... Seems to be more than an idea at this point.
    Hi GT Joey-
    This is Kurt. I live right in Woodbury, LI.
    I proudly own an '05 Quicksilver/black stripe GT. I've heard about your GT's at the Barn event through the grapevine. I don't know if I missed the latest one but, if you have room for one more, I'd love to attend and get together with some GT folk. If I missed or these aren't any vacancies, at least I said hello..
    I also incidentally just aquired a blue/white stripe Shelby Cobra CSX4000... anyway talk soon and best- Kurt my other email-
    Hi Joey,
    I read the GT experience book and would like to contact you about my car history. Could you please let me know your email address?

    I'm in Michigan now, and will be leaving for PA Thursday morning. Looking forward to the weekend.

    I can't find your aol screen name. It's hell getting old and forgetting where I put things.
    Mine is Looking forward to Carlisle.

    Thank you my friend
    Hey gtjoey,

    Les Davidson told me you were the man to speak to about GTs.

    I would like to ask you some questions if you have some time.

    I can be reached at 850-699-7924.

    Thanks for your time,

    Hi Joey
    I just talked to Chris Amon he would be pleased to do an interveiw with you our whoever is doing the book, email him so you can sort out a time and type of info you want.
    let me know if you need anything else
    keep smiling my freind
    What you did for that young man "Chris", and all others at the GT40 event was beyond and above the call of duty. I have not met you, but from reading your various posts, you are one CLASS ACT !!
    Since we are excepted show cars, there will be no charge for the display or entering, SO PLEASE PM , ME YOUR PHONE SO I CAN GET YOU THE PAPER WORK TO FILL OT. Also im not sure yet whether its the tent or building, so will fill in once i know..gtjoey 1314 get excited baby!!! HEY MAYBE THE GTGUYS WILL BE DELIVERING SOMETHING SPECIAL BUT THEY ARE NOT WORKING THAT WEEKEND, ITS ALL ENJOYMENT.GTJOEY 1314/0004
    Took the Thursday and Friday before Carlisle off from work so I could make sure I'll be there. We should caravan down. I could meet you in NJ somewhere.

    GT Joey trying to find what you called me about can't find it give me some direction. Thanks! GT Les
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