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  • Interested in the blue GT if you put it out for bid. I am looking for a driver and in blue. Not looking for a garage queen.

    Mark H
    can I get one of the Wixom plant videos? let me know where to send the $$.

    scott minch
    Livonia, MI
    Could I get a copy of the Wixom Plant video? I hope you are not overwhelmed with this request. If you have any thing else of interest, I'm looking.
    Thanks, Jim Gibson GT owner and forum member
    See you are back on line. Did you ever get the PM's I sent on the car inspection? Good talking to you Saturday and looking for your inspection report.
    Hi try to text you ...Great i will like to meet you ,,looking for better sound on the car ,do you recomend to remove the catalytic converter,what system you recomend?

    I send you a Text...Great ..I will like your recomendations for a exhaust system ,removing the catalytic converter?.What you think is the best system?

    jose alvarez
    I,am looking for Rich Brooks, is this you?
    Billy 602-478-9000 Phx ....The Rally Sept 8/9
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