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  • Hello, I saw your cars today at the Bowling Green motorsports park. Sorry to have missed you, would have been nice to put a face to a name here on the forum. I hope you had fun, I was driving a Superformance Cobra, but not on the track today. Take care, Roger Vincent, Bowling Green, Ky.
    Sorry, haven't logged on in ages so I've just seen this message. I ran with MVP at COTA this year and will do it again in a heartbeat! I am definitely in for this, fingers crossed that it works out. Any idea when you'll know?
    Thanks for the tip on COTA. I did it last year in late Jan, early Feb. 3 days on track there. We had a Porsche GT3 get totalled the first day which may hurt chances for a return. Anyway, keep me in the loop. I would definitely skip out on work to be there. Have a fun holidays if we don't speak till then.
    Hey Blake,

    Well another Rally is fast approaching. I'm back in the States permanetly so this time I will be towing my car instead of having it delivered by truck. I just recently got a new Trailex trailer (custom built) to tow behind my new F150 pickup. This will be my first time towing a trailer so was looking for any pointers you might pass along. Trailer is set up so I can either drive on (side trailer exit doors) or winch on if I want. Had Trailex install a L track locking/tiedown system. Had MAC make tire nets to fit the car and have D rings installed to add any extra tie down if needed. Do you tow your cars in neutral and with the parking brake off? Trailer has a front tire stop that is adjustable so not sure it I need additional wheel chocks or not. Ramp is 11' in length so should be fine to get the car on and off the trailer.

    Looking forward to seeing you in New Orleans.

    How's the new FGT doing? Just booked my home leave so I would be back in the States and able to attend Rally VI. Looking forward to driving my car again and also seeing the forum members. My wife will be coming again and my oldest son (29) will also be attending. Getting some new Bridgestone tires along with black painted BBS wheels put on my car and putting the original tires and BBS wheels away for safe keeping. Also having a T&A lowering kit put on my car so I can adjust ride height somewhat.

    Looked like you were going so hope to see you there. Which car are you going to bring?

    Hey Blake,

    Saw in a recent forum posting that you were looking at another FGT at auction. Did you get it and if so what color?

    Hey Biginch Blake, I see you have requested me as a friend ... have we met before? Grant
    You're invited to register for the Ford GT SuperCar Meet in Orange County, CA. This event is presented by Barrett-Jackson Auctions. 5 days of fun with fellow GT Owners. This event takes place June 23 - 27, 2010.

    • Car Registration includes: Admission to the O.C. Barrett-Jackson Auction
    • Admission to the Gala Night Event at Barrett
    • A special parking area for the Ford GT registered cars
    • A Ford GT Supercar event Tommy Bahama style shirt. Each registered
    • Petersen Automotive Museum Tour with Special Parking for GT's
    • An Autocross at the California Speedway NASCAR track (Awards for top cars)
    • Hilton Hotel in H.B. Meet & Greet
    • a Cruise up Pacific Coast Highway
    • A tour of Carroll Shelby's shop w/ a charity auction

    For more information please check out the event at Go to our events page and view more info. You can register by calling us at (951) 656-0862
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