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  • Weather still bad here and the county came through and put tar and rock chips on my road, cars are still in the garage. Really looking forward to seeing you and your wife at the rally in Salt Lake City. We are bring the motor home and RED car on an 8 day vacation through SD and WY to Salt Lake, storing the MH and Car at Miller Motorsports and flying home Aug. 9th then fly back out the 21st. Will be in Salt Lake until the 27th, what are your plans? Need to plan a road trip and break some bread together.

    I will keep the Yellow car close to home for this year. My boys are getting an extra set of BBS wheels I have coated black to put on the Yellow one once in a while should look pretty good.

    Work has been good, country needs energy and we build pipeline facilities.
    Hey Blake,

    Nice looking addition to your collection. Great that you can have a GT for intown playing around with and then one for more serious activities.

    Been thinking about another car, but afraid it won't be another FGT. Want to find something that I can learn to track with and so if I wreck won't break the bank. Been looking at a couple of Lotus track only cars. Depends on when I might be coming back to the States permanetly. Thinking it might be by the end of this year.

    Talked to my wife about going to Rally VI and got a luke warm response from her which means if I go might be stag this year or see if one of my sons wants/can attend. This will also depend on work schedule and if I can plan my home leave back around that time. Looks like a neat venue and some senic drives as well. Missed out on any leisurly senic driving at Rally V.

    Thanks for the email.

    Well I purchased the 285 mile Yellow/black GT last week and should get it the first of March. Will send photos to your email. Plan to keep it low mileage but still drive it around home and to shows. Will use the Red GT more now for pleasure and track time. Are you planning on coming to Salt Lake in August?
    It was not at an action, there were several GT owners at Scottsdale for the auto actions that were going on. I have been talking with the owner of a 2005 yellow/black GT for three weeks and thought it would be a good time for a fellow GT owner to take a look at it. It belongs to the owner of the Ford dealership that got the GT and has never been titled. It has 281 miles on it and I was concerned about it setting. GT TECH did an inspection on it on Saturday and will get with me today. The owner/dealer had all the recall work completed and the car has been well kept. I would like to find one with more miles on because I plan to drive it but have been looking for 8 months and had no luck, there were only 155 make total and not a lot for sale. I will keep you updated.
    Good to meet you too Blake. We are back in Jakarta and the car is back with Shelby in Arkansas. Only time I've had with the car was the days at the rally. Been hard knowing I have a car like that and cannot enjoy it. Jakarta is not the place to drive a GT and so it will remain in the US waiting for when I get posted back to the states. All of my car activities involve roaming the internet reading forums and looking at possible next cars.

    Hope 2011 is a great year for you and your family.

    It was good to meet you and your wife at the rally. Quite a coincidence that we both worked for the same company at the same time. How have you been enjoying the car? Got mine put up for the winter but am taking it to the GT Guys the end of January for them to service and get ready for 2011. Thanks for contacting me and have a great NEW YEAR. Hope to see you in Salt Lake.
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