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    Owners’ Manuals — Get ‘Em While They’re HOT!

    Interested if any one gets the 2020 service manual CD what it says about oil capacity when doing a standard oil change and the torque settings for re-installing the under panel screws. I've got the 2019 yr service manual CD and curious what the new one says.
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    That thought can to me as well. Was on a car event trip in my 06' GT and stopped for a group lunch provide by a local Porsche dealer. Just as I got my food the dealer/GM came in and said I had a major oil leak under my car. Went out, looked it over, got on the phone and talked toRich...
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    Interesting...if you own a Beemer i3

    If you sign up for AMEX shop small program you get a 5$ credit applied to your monthly statement. So then it is really a can't beat great deal. I know!
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    For you guys doing your own oil change at 600 miles/1000 km

    At 5:04 in the video it is mentioned to torque the "belly pan" screws to 97 Where did that torque number come from? Per my phone conversation with Ford Technical Services representative that is not correct and is over torquing the fasteners! The correct amount should be 60
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    For you guys doing your own oil change at 600 miles/1000 km

    How much did they put in?
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    No 4th of July parade this year, but we're ready!
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    2021 Graphics

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    2021 Graphics

    Any chance production volumes for each series will be released in the future?
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    For you guys doing your own oil change at 600 miles/1000 km

    Finished my oil change a couple of weeks ago and learned a few things that I thought I'd pass along. 06' lifting pucks vrs NHL hockey pucks - They aren't the same size! The lifting pucks I previously bought from a forum vendor and use on my 06' FGT are 90mm (3.5") wide. These are too wide to...
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    Panel screw placement during oil change

    I'm retired so I don't have to do anything by the clock!
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    Panel screw placement during oil change

    I wondered about the placement since I had the dealer do the first oil change (actually 2 -see previous posting), but there does seem to be a pattern that they put them back in and not just randomly inserted screws. So I assume all NFGT cars follow this.
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    Panel screw placement during oil change

    Today I did an oil change on my '19 NFGT. The CFunder panel you remove to do the oil change has 36 screws that need to be removed. I remember hearing somewhere that the screws are not the same size so I decided to keep track of what screw came out of what panel hole locate. I've got the...
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    Small hydraulic fluid leak from aero flap mechanism

    You can add my '19 GT to the list of leaking front hydraulics. Did an oil change today on mine and had it up on my two-post lift. I noticed in front several fluid drips coming from or near the front aero flaps. Confirmed that it was not AC condensation/water. I decided not to take the front...
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    For you guys doing your own oil change at 600 miles/1000 km

    Going to change my oil in both GTs next week at my workshop. Now I just need to remember where I put the hockey pucks!
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    Getting ready order lifts: width recommendations? This is what I have for my Revolution 4 post lift.