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    Picked up my 06 today

    Can't wait to see it in person in the Burg. Congrats.
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    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    Son gave me a FvrsF movie poster with actors signatures on it for xmas. I now owe him several drives!
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    Ford GT Forum 200 mph Club & Standing Mile Results

    I'll be hoping to gain my membership into the 200 MPH club in my 2019 GT at Victorville too! Can't wait!
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    K250 is Alive and Well

    Very very nice Chris! Can't wait to see it in person and up close.
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    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    We will be heading to the Sonesta Bee Creek tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to seeing everyone and the cars.
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    K204 Arrives!!

    Great car Elliot.
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    Thank you Dave! Great time at Rd Atlanta Petit Le Mans

    Thanks DBK for arranging this last race gathering. What a way to experience our first Petit Le Mans!
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    Ford GT Owner Hospitality at Petit Le Mans - The Finale

    Just placed my order for pickup at the race. THX Dave.
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    Petit Rally 2019

    Susan and I are in for the drive. We are staying at the Avalon.
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    Petit Rally 2019

    Arriving Wednesday also and look forward to a drive on Thursday. Thanks for arranging this.
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    Ford vs Ferrari Austin Event 11-15 to 11-17

    Downloaded the app, joined the Team Shelby group, booked event and booked a room. Looking forward to seeing the group ( who ever signs up)! We plan on driving our '06 Heritage to this event. Can travel with our overnight items in it.
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    Power steering pump hose leak

    I went with a OEM Porsche high pressure hose. Cost a little over $200 for it. Has a special quick connect coupler so didn't even try and go elsewhere for the part.
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    Power steering pump hose leak

    I'm currently dealing with a leaking HP power steering hose on my Porsche Cayman R. And yes it's been a pain dealing with all the parts I had to take off to get to the hose. AC compressor was the biggest problem as the hose went underneath it.
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    Car lift

    Blake, I'm starting a new racing series running the car at the local indoor roller skating rink! Series will be called "Racing under the Disco Ball". 🏎 Car is under the tarp so my fellow competitors won't steal any of my racing prep secrets! 🤫
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    Car lift

    I agree that a 2-post makes life easier. My Porsche currently has the primary spot on my 2-post and I'll have to make do with working on my other cars on the 4-post lift till the Cayman is ready to come down.