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  • Hi. My car is at Rich Brooks place getting some work and I’m considering a backup camera. He said contact you about yours and if you liked the led lights that replaced the interior lights. They seem a little obvious and maybe too bright in his pics. What do you think?
    Hi Ron, hope you're doing well. I'm on a plane right now in Asia, but killing some downtime. Was wondering if you have some references perhaps out the Central Mass way on who I could bring my '05 to in order to get the wheels spun/aligned for the season. I don't want to bring it to just anyone and thought you might have some guidance on that. Cheers,
    Hi Ron,

    Did anything ever develop with the GT Guys? If my schedule aligns with when they would be coming I would be interested.

    Bob Murray
    Hi Ron,
    I'm located out in West Boylston. I met someone (I think his name was Greg..was with his sone) back a couple of months ago at Kimball's in Lancaster during a Friday night who said I should look into the forum and also mentioned you. I believe he's a Ferrari guy. We had a great conversation about GT's, thus here I finally am. I was traveling out in Texas and happened upon a Red no-stripe GT for sale in really nice condition back in January, so traded in the DB9 convertible for the car of my dreams. Love the thing. Nice to hear from you. Cheers, Jim
    Hello, Been a while. Look for our GT products on the first of the year. Would love to have a photo of the project I completed for you. Buzz me when you get a chance. The GT back pack is in this line-up as well as mats that go up the side of the console. (901)596-6844
    Hi Ron,

    I am very interested in the solution to the cooling "solution". Mine is one of the hot ones.

    I was up in British Columbia last weekend with the GT at Mission Raceway. A short 1.2 mile, 9 turn track, ambient was 88, basically 2nd and 3rd gear, very short straights etc,.

    I could only do 3 laps at 3/4 fast before the temp was in the 230+ range. Backed off a bit and got down under 220, but went right back to close to limp home level in 1/2 a lap.

    I don't really want to go for a full race solution, as I pretty much used my GT for a DD, with 5-6 track days a year.

    Any help you can provide will be appreciated, Or point me to the "right" people for additional info.

    Thanks Buddy,

    See you at Rally V.


    or if it's easier my cell is 206-910-4334
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