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    New Canadian Owner

    Epic car, epic forum! Also Ford GT forum on FB
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    NEW 2021 Ford GT Delivery In TEXAS!

    Is it going to a museum piece only? Or get driven?
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    Mark II

    I can only imagine what a track beast it must be!
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    2006 Ford GT, Midnight Blue

    I’m confused? Why would you ever want to sell that car?! Blue is not only one of the most gorgeous, but one of the rarest!
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    Radio Story on the Design of the 2005 GT

    I think anyone who owns her is a fan of the 0506GT should listen to this.
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    NFGT floor mats?

    Are you have to do is look in my car I have the dead pedal. For those of us with short legs it’s a must
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    Ford GT Team Edition Chronograph

    The watch is too expensive? Wait a minute can you tell me how much you paid for your new GT please?
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    The latest FGT being auctioned on BaT

    So why does a red one with only 1700 miles go for 315??And a tungsten one with 3600 miles go for 365?
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    Cute brakes!
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    Stumbled across this today. Chin spoiler protection.

    Good point Soroush!!
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    Radio Story on the Design of the 2005 GT

    Anyone who isn’t convinced now to buy Scott’s shocks,Should be! I’ve always really enjoyed hearing the stories from the team members. Mark so great to listen to he describes everything with such passion. I’m so humbled and honored to call them my friends! Now they need to do an interview with...
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    Radio Story on the Design of the 2005 GT

    Andy that was awesome can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed it. Brought tears to my eyes!!
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    NFGT floor mats?

    Love the pedals! I too PPF’d all the Carbon on the interior!
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    Throwback to the SALEEN School of Speed Autocross Event during the GT Rally

    As a racer ,I just don’t get a thrill out of donuts and smoking the tires.
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    New shocks from Ahlman Engineering

    I found the Penske shocks very noisy. It almost sounded like they were broken. Especially on a bumpy road.Plus the rebound and dampening on Scott shocks is far superior. In terms of ride height it’s completely adjustable. The ride quality is night and day. As you’ve now heard many times on this...