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    ...looks like I need a trailer

    I too have the INTECH wide body trailer. I drive it on ,open the door and get out! whats impressive about the trailer is it has 2 -5,500 lb axels.Plus the axels are further apart than other trailers. This makes for really nice trailering on the highway. Very stable and smooth.
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    2005 Midnight Blue Ford GT for sale (3,874 miles)

    Looks great! It why not just drive it and enjoy it? Mileage means nothing compared to the enjoyment factor
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    The Return

    For those of you that have not been to a rally . Go read past posts about our Rallies. Everyone epic i it’s own right! As I say DBK is my favorite all time camp counselor! A Tremendous amount of time and effort on DBK’s part goes into pulling the Rallies off
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    2005 Midnight Blue / White Stripe GT for Sale

    should be an easy sell. best of luck! Not that you need it!
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    The Return

    I am so excited!! Oh ya I'm in!
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    Ford GT Team Edition Chronograph

    I got one and love it!
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    Ready to buy a GT. Help me find it! (Found it)

    You could not have bought from a nicer guy! Mike is a great guy!
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    2006 Red Ford GT

    That was way under priced I know of a 88,000. Mile car that sold for similar money. That car was easly worth 240. Good for whom ever stole it! If the deal falls thru . I’ll buy it Thanks Roketman
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    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Nothing better! First class! I swear by them for ride quality, adjustability and performance
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    Getting ready order lifts: width recommendations?

    Get the extra width. You can’t go wrong. yes your car will be ok with the bridge lifts. I push them all the way to the front
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    The GT's Back From Rich! THANKS!

    CONNECTICUT valley region PCA