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  • I actually have Acton Ford Mount my tires .Than I bring them to a machine shop in Boxborough called Lingskog 978-263-2062 to balance them.Ask for Mike .
    Acton Fords # 978-897-7000
    My cell is 617-593-5995
    Best regards,Ron
    I don't post too often, but have to remark about one thing. My job takes me to all points of the world and we all constantly hear about China's car martket, and don't get me wrong, there are some wonderful cars in the streets of Shanghai and Beijing. I just spent the weekend in Shanghai and enjoyed the wealth of Lambo's, Porsche's (even several GT's) , Ferarri's, lovely, delicious Aston Martins (I love those cars and miss my DB9) , even some Telsa's, but you know...not ONE Ford GT. Not one. I wanted so badly to pull onto Century Road and let my red '05 scream out in that canyon of skyscrapers. It's sitting pretty in the garage at home and will have to wait for a few more weeks. The GT's are such a nice machine.
    Hey bud,
    Welcome to the forum! A great place.
    Tell me where you live in MA.
    Best regards,Ron aka Roketman
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