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  • Howdy Dave! Just bought 1FAFP90S96Y401963 2006 Red GT with 163 Miles out of Orlando. If you can change to GT Owner that would be great!

    Mighty thanks,
    Doug Whitcombe
    Renewed my annual membership on 2-11-20 as I wasn't sent a renewal notice and have yet to get my privileges restored. Please help as I may list my 2005 GT for sale. RickH
    Love to meet you at Petit LeMans/...I missed out on limited hospitality tickets but will be at Podium Club...can you change my status to owner? Thanks

    Mike K163
    DAVE. If there’s room to add, please add Dana and I for Atlanta. Please confirm.

    Thank you sir.

    Can you change my status to owner when you have a few minutes to spare (which may not be often, I understand), but when you have time.
    Let me know if you need a VIN, thanks
    No problem at all..........just wanted some advice on how to price the car.........any help would be appreciated Thanks
    DBK..Good Day!....do you have the info available yet for the RV park close to The Fairmont for truck/trailor parking. I'm heading out in the next few days with the gt for my son's wedding and I'm concerned I may miss your post....hate to bug ya but I'd feel better knowing where I'm headed. Thanks in advance!
    Hello Dave,
    Could it be possible to change my username here on the forum? This username is kind of boring and hard to remember. If it is possible could you change my username to GTHunter? Thank you for reading this, and please consider. If you have any comments or questions dont hesitate to email me! hunter_blount@northlandchristian.org

    Your Friend,
    Hunter Blount
    Dave, I am a Ford Dealer in Kansas City and also a FGT owner. I have an 05 with 3329 miles on it. I so far have had a temp gauge, boost gauge, and a oil pressure gauge all fail within the last 100 miles. I will have 3 gauges to send you if you are still looking for failed gauges. I have posted here some but have tried to not raise too much of a stink due to my affiliation with Ford. I do believe though that this is an issue with this car that Ford needs to address with the manufacturer of the gauges. If I can help, please let me know.

    Mike Anderson
    Chuck Anderson Ford (53C405)
    (816) 630-1700
    Hello, I am new to the forum but an owner for several years. I have enjoyed the previous Camillo Pardo calanders and was curious if there is any word on a 2013 version and if so when I might place an order. Thank you Mike

    With regards to the gauge failure, I have a 2005 GT with 7,000 miles on the odometer. The factory battery charger is always on and two gauges have failed - oil pressure and voltage gauge.


    Jim S.
    Dave am I not allowed to post on the forums? I posted looking to buy cars and both of my posts were removed?
    Hi DBK - there was a post about an 11 card drag race which I posted to, but is apparently gone now. Did I do something wrong/break a rule, or offend anyone?

    Please change my status to owner.

    My VIN is 1FAFP90S05Y400909


    Thank you in advance.

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