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    I own both a FGT and a F-430 spider. The FGT is totally a super car with an ATTITUDE! The F-430 is a super car with a nibble side. It is funny, most people think the Ferrari is all that and more and don't really give a lot of attention to the GT. Both are wonderful to drive! I truly have...
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    WTB White GT

    Just started thinking of selling mine, (3600 miles) 4 option car. Still battling the thought. Keep me posted. I did buy another car but have not decided if the GT is permanent or not. 2005 btw!
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    Amazing Helicopter Piloting

    Totally Amazing. Everyone in that video is my new hero. Not sure I am interested in any part of that project! Brave men for sure. Mike
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    How many members will pay 400K and are interested in buying new GT..

    I am a Dealer who has no idea if I would ever get allocation for the new GT. With that being said, I have had two people approach me asking to buy one from me. The first one offered me $100,000 over sticker and the other ask if they could buy for $20,000 over sticker. My point is, there is a...
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    My son

    Can't find the right words other than I am truly sorry for you lose! God Bless you at this time.
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    Thoughts on these rear diffusers? Accident Damage?

    I have fixed many of these. The fins are fiberglass and can be repaired easily. The belly pan might just be the brackets bent. Where are you located? Mike Anderson Missouri
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    Possible gauge protection solution

    I want one also. Give me a pm and tell me what I need to do. Mike
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    How many members will pay 400K and are interested in buying new GT..

    I am in for sure! I may be crazy but I think $500k is the magic number with this car that buyers will be willing to pay. I have given my name to many so when the list forms, I will be on some ones! lol Mike
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    Possible gauge protection solution

    I would be interested in one also.. Pm when ready. I will buy one for sure Mike
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    Takata airbag recall

    Sanjay, I got all excited thinking I was getting a new badge also. Please let us know after you get the work done. I am in need of a new badge and was going to send it to Shelby for that repair but have not wanted to dissable the car as of yet. Mike
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    2005 and 2006 Ford GT PRICES GOING UP!!!!!

    Pratts car s/n 003 brought $500k. FYI The $352 car was a rare color and lightly equiped car which makes in more rare. Nontheless, very good day for FGT prices. Mike
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    Ford gt @ bj

    With buyers fee of !0% that means $352,000. Wow, great to own a car like this. Mike
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    Which forum member gets the first one??

    Being a Ford Dealer and a FGT enthusiast, I am standing in line. It will be interesting on how Ford works the allocation system. Keeping fingers crossed. Mike
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    Weird... Just received a FORD Motor Co. Survey on my '06 Ford GT

    Is there a section about gauges? lol Mike
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    Takata airbag recall

    My understanding from my service manager is that all Ford GT's now are getting the airbag recall. They may be working through the vin #'s. My car is an 05 with the last four vin of 1599. If you want to contact me Monday, I will run your vin and see what Ford's system says. Mike