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    WANTED- No Stripe FGT

    I saw a red no stripe with less than 500 miles a few weeks ago (2006 - I think). IM if interested and I can send you the email address of the owner (non-forum member) Price was reasonable and in the market bracket.
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    Diesel & Delilah are 14 month old German Shepherds

    working dogs seem to be a bit more stubborn but once you get them inside "the box" they are the most wonderful dogs. Zephyr has been with me for a bit more than a year now and frankly I would not know how to function without him. He's loyal, protective, affectionate, intelligent, and frankly...
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    Gold & the Economy - A non partisan lesson in history

    with so many people stocking up on ammo. please allow me to remind you all to stock up on batteries and battery chargers for all your holographic optics, lasers and lights. I am reminding you of this since last week I did a range day and every battery was DEAD. so we went full iron sites...
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    CA resident purchasing Gun Ammo in AZ

    You can check "open carry" laws for most places at Contrary to popular propaganda its legal to open carry in most if not all states. it is also legal to buy firearms in another state .. its just illegal to ship them to another person. When you TRANSPORT them into California...
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    Library of Congress slaps the hand of Apple/iPhone/iPod/iPad

    Sam hates Apple because they work perfectly with BMW's. Fully connected experience. IMHO much better than sync ... sync in the F150 HATES the iphone/ipod ... must be a carry over from the Jobs/Gates rivalry back when both were trying to tell the world that they did not steal the GUI...
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    Gold & the Economy - A non partisan lesson in history

    when looking into medals the only medal that has bucked the rise is silver .. staying largely stagnant. Why? due to inside manipulation. Recently an insider leaked information on this, offered it to regulators and then had an attempt on his (and family's) life. A driver of another car rammed...
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    2011 Rally Site

    Yeah, I feel your pain. the last few years I have "penciled" it in just to have either business or injury take it off the calendar for me. "Well maybe next year" is a phrase that has started to piss me off. lol
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    Gulf Colored DeLorean on eBay

    A chrome DMC with twin turbo's might be fun. but cornering and stopping .... well. we can't have it all. lol
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    Importance of getting it looked over.

    thanks guys. Frank I'm bald mostly by choice. lol. I had a coil procedure and the guy who did it was very good. Fortunately, it had not ruptured yet. but as I said previously. if something doesn't quite work or feel right. get it checked. its not worth it trying to talk yourself into macho.
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    Importance of getting it looked over.

    Gentlemen, I wanted to take a moment to pass along a bit of information that frankly we men just never seem to talk about. The importance of not being a "tough guy" and just walking in off. Earlier this spring I was involved in what I considered a "minor" accident as a passenger. In the...
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    Where Teenagers ask you what you do for a Living

    columbian drug lord in hiding...:secret::secret::secret:
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    Census Bureau Stopped By Today

    Here are some of my thoughts on the whole census thing. BTW. The form got "lost in the mail". So when they pop up to ask questions I plan on saying "No habla" which likely will cause the red neck they hire to do the senseless to have a cerebral...
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    car forums

    EP .. I'd buy it if you said Bananas foster .... :lol
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    Magic trick by GM?!?

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    Eye/Hand Coordination

    turned my pad speed down and made 21 seconds. did about 30 with mouse. that thing is computer crack!!! after the 10th time you learn to go left right first! lol