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    Pricing Suggestions.

    I wish I had $120k spare.
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    First Annual Mojave Mile Event

    Received our registration packets in the mail yesterday. I am thinking about running my Ninja zx-10r and having Gill Sr. run the FGT.
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    Swiss Gt crash

    Yikes! High voltage power lines! Hope your father is okay!
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    Sale of Salvage Titled GTX1

    Very sorry to hear this news. I know how much that car meant to you. I hope you are able to find a replacement and that you continue to be a frequent participant on this forum.
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    SR-71 Blackbird

    In the 1980's while I was a student at UCR we used park on the outskirts of March AFB during the week prior to the weekend airshow that they would put on once a year. We would watch all of the airshow planes come in to March on Thursday or Friday. One year, I think it was 1986, we saw an...
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    Happy Birthday DBK !!

    Happy Birthday and thanks for all you do! You're a good man! :cheers
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    Anyone own a Desmo RR

    I have heard there are still some new units available. Also heard that they did not make anywhere near the advertised RWHP. Be prepared for crazy expensive maintanance bills. None the less, I would love to have one. Actually, I would love to have two of them... one to ride and one to...
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    Funny noise

    Can anyone explain why the hub would have to be replaced along with the wheel bearing? On the FGT is the wheel bearing and hub a one piece assembly?
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    Shelby Elite's #65 White/Blue GT on e-bay.

    Billet A-Arms too!
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    First Annual Mojave Mile Event

    Sorry... fjpikul was just teasing me about my typo (now corrected) and I responded back facetiously.
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    First Annual Mojave Mile Event

    The chicken increases wind resistance . I'm seriously considering removing it. During development Ford originally tried using a (2) chicken set-up with (1) on each front fender however during Vmax testing they proved unstable.
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    First Annual Mojave Mile Event

    With "only" a pulley, tune and exhaust I probably won't be able to exceed a top speed limit. A mostly GT only event would be awesome however.
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    First Annual Mojave Mile Event

    I received a call from Mary today. She asked about my safety equipment and let me know that I had 2 spots reserved.
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    If your FGT isn't low enough

    Is that you in that suit Dave?
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    Champion - Somelee

    I think I ran into the same guy at Willow Springs a few weeks ago. I also encouraged him to check out "The Forum". CONGRATS TO LEE!!! That is one beautiful machine you have. Would have loved to watch it run.