Complete Rally Exhaust Compilation


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Sep 22, 2005
Nice camera work. Love how the camera Twisted rom the noise.


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Jul 18, 2006
Largo, Florida
Sounds GREAT Xcentric, but my car is still faster.


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Oct 27, 2008
I wouldn't know of a system that was any louder. It must make the FRPP rear exit headers sound tame.
I love it. People take cover and duck if I rev the engine.


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Looked on your web site and could not find any information on the exhaust for the GT. Can you please send me the link? Do you have a set up for the bumper delete cars?




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Jul 30, 2005
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Can be viewed here. Try just clicking and listening and see which one you like best....

In order:

Stock - Manny, #1418
Borla - Florida Chris
Accufab - Bony
Bob Ida - barondw
Tubi - John Gourley
Full FRPP w/headers - Shoboat

It actually turned out to sound pretty realistic through a decent set of computer speakers. I have to say, if you close your eyes, and watch it without pre-judging or anything, I think the Accufab sounds the best. It still may be a little loud for some. The full FRPP is only for the hardcore, and I think the Borla alone is good for someone looking for a louder car at WOT only, and it has the best looking tips. Tubi sounds the most exotic. Thanks for lining them up.


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Best sound


just received my car with a new carboceramic clutch and the catless steel FRPP headers installed, into my Borla.

Boy, that sound rocks ! MMMUUUUCCCHHHH better than Borla alone. I think now I am just right, between city drivability and bad ass sound, when opening the throttle. The car also makes a beautiful sound around 4300rpm, beauutifullll !

Just what I wanted, you can drive it in a suit, and then you hit it and it turns into a deep Bass Baritone GT Stradale, clearly very, very Americano.!

Love it,

will try to file later on a soundfile for you guys.

cheers from Italy (boy, are they all scared of me now here)



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Sep 5, 2005
Fresno, Ca.
yup, your spot on :biggrin


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Jan 28, 2009
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I have the complete FRPP Rear Exit Headers (P/N M-9430-GTX). with NO cats.

I love them.

Very quiet at low RPM's. However, soooo LOUD at WOT!


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Mar 1, 2007
According to the Ford Racing Parts Catalog, NO!
I hear ya Ralphie, but I have one on my car and do not believe the limitations listed in the product description are totally accurate.

I had my delivering dealer install the unit before I drove it off the lot. And if there was any limitation on emissions contamination, the dealer most certainly would not have assumed that liability. I can see no physical reason for the emissions statement.

Yes, the Ford Racing muffler M5230-GT (manufactured by Borla) is slightly louder than the OE muffler but only noticable under hard acceleration. Otherwise it is quite mellow with no driving harmonics. It is certainly more quiet than all other exhaust/muffler options guys are using on their GT's and I was in attendance for the "muffler-off" sound comparison at Rally I and heard them all first hand. The Borla was closest to the OE muffler and only slightly louder.

I would not hesatate in the least to put this muffler on a street driven GT.
I totally agree with you. The Performance Muffler is actually a rather quiet unit, as far as I'm concerned - and, I think it probably would pass a California Inspection. It's just not CARB approved. I gave the response to ObeyMyFast! because I didn't want to mislead him to the effect that it might be "Street Legal" - which is still the case, as it is not approved. I'll bet it will pass an inspection though.
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Nov 2, 2005
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I love it. People take cover and duck if I rev the engine.
I have just the FRPP cat deletes into a Heffner pipes. Loud, but not as loud as your setup. A nice side benefit is when passing someone, they hear me coming, adding to road awareness and safety!


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maybe too much for quiet Denmark. Not too much at all to shut up the noisy Italians, buddy ! :biggrin

Very streetable. You should bring a set of direct thru exhausts, that is too much, I would agree. but the headers into the Borla , sweet,soo sweet.

I like my cars like my girls.... Louder, baby ! <Who's your daddy !!??? Bony who ???>:biggrin :biggrin


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Oct 18, 2006
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I'll bet it will pass an inspection though.

How would inspection station personnel know it wasn't the factory muffler in the 1st place? 'Can't see how they'd have a clue.

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Aug 3, 2005
FRPP rear exit = wicked. Love to hear that at idle with some crower stage 3 supercharged cams :eek


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Mar 1, 2007
How would inspection station personnel know it wasn't the factory muffler in the 1st place? 'Can't see how they'd have a clue.
Correct - and I don't know of any Inspection Stations that perform a decibel test either - just an emissions test.

However - the question of whether it is "Street Legal" is not whether it will be caught, but rather, "Is it an approved device?" And there, if it has not been submitted for approval and passed, it is not legal. This is the only possible answer to the question posed.

In fact, my M-9430-GTX FRPP Rear Exit Headers have "Ford" stamped on them (not Borla), and people that have asked get the answer - "it's a Ford exhaust system."