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  • Hey buddy, Realjohn996 here, thankyou for your response/help. Who has the Kendall cooler setup for the GT? How much is it? By the way (unrelated) I am the Cambertire guy. Did you catch the article by Don Sherman at Automobilemag.com ("Camber tires tires get tipsy")or any of the many press release postings on my patented Cambertires yet? They ARE the future of tires, check it out I will be making sizes for the GT at some point and likely with 2.5 to 3 degrees of negative camber built in. Does anyone make or has anyone you know put lots of camber into a GT? I am assuming it will need eccentric bushings or diff a arms or? Driving on Cambertires is really seriously a big improvement in every single catagory. This is my second FORD GT and it has the Hennessey 710 pkg, do you suppose they would have done the axle bolts already? Can you tell by looking at them? My website is www.cambertire.com and thanks again for your assistance : > John Scott
    Knights Auto works info.

    Im sorry I havent logged in in a while but I am still looking for at least seat covers. Any info would be great.

    Thanks! James
    ANDY: Wanted to make sure you saw my message on the Forum about the WILD RIDE you gave me in my GTX1. Thanks a million! The message I posted in the GTX1 section of the Forum follows. Best regards. DON S.

    It was great to put faces to the Forum Login names of GTX1 owners. Each of the GTX1s at Rally III had special touches that made it unique. I had a blast driving my GTX1 #2 on the track at LV Speedway, and apologize to everyone behind me who I held up because I was so bog slow.

    A very special thanks to Forum member "Specracer" (Andy), who was an instructor for the track sessions and drove my car with me as a passenger for one session "LIKE HE STOLE IT!" Andy said he was "7-8 tenths," but let me tell you, it felt like 14 tenths to me. I HAD NO IDEA what this car could really do. WOW WOW! I don't know if it was from the speed Andy was making through the turns, the heat, or that I hadn't had anything to eat since dinner the night before, but in two laps I was getting queasy and had to ask Andy to pull off the track and into the pits. Unforgettable! Thanks again, Andy. And thanks to Dave for all the tremendous work that went into Rally III!
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