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    Virtual Cars and Coffee (Indianapolis Edition)

    Using FB is also a requirement (which I dont)
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    Paint Protection advice

    That for sure qualifies as "essential"! (well not really, but great to having it done!)
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    Akrapovic Exhaust

    Wanted one for our M3, but could not get past the $7k price tag. Quality costs.
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    Akrapovic Exhaust

    There are a benchmark in the motorcycle and European car markets.
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    Tire stagger

    @sahlman can answer that question BTW have you read this?
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    Used Parts Vendors

    Will be a very short spreadsheet. Basically almost none. Waaaay back, X-2 collision ran through a lot of them. But then values went up up up, to the point, where just about every car was cost effective to fix, vs part out. Or there was truly nothing left. Also FWIW, I could be wrong, but seems...
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    DIY Door Panel Removal / Side Mirror Removal

    Glad this has been helpful. It really was not bad at all. As I mentioned in the original post, this was an easier process than the 05.
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    A message from Bill Ford

    Pretty widely reported couple years ago
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    Ford GT Billet parts now available again. End of the year special on Top & side vents

    Prior owner must have changed them. From the factory they would be the stripe color.
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    Ford GT Billet parts now available again. End of the year special on Top & side vents

    Mine are painted body color (no stripes), and they disappear (black car)
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    Paint Protection advice

    1. I did 2. I have the area left alone, sounds like things have changed 3, I dont think this is applicable to an early 2018 4. Heck yeah pull em, as I did a thread about it, because I would have seen the seam (but I did it my self)
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    LeMans Postponed

    Trying to avoid F1 Melbourne, and Indy St Pete. Gets too close fast with all the prep for a temp circuit. Maybe a hidden blessing that the GT isnt there (or a bunch of us might be planning on attending this race)
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    Canadian border causing delays?

    I think we all would consider a trip to Multimatic, "essential", but its not. This is quite a time we are all living in.
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    Mileage Milestone

    And think Jeff has half of that on his GT, Barry too.
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    Edit, per the post below this, I removed the link.