Electric cars and the impact on the environment


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multi-faceted solutions to address a host of growing problems that are primarily due to too many people. Hopefully we will figure out the right compromises before we totally ruin the planet!


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Apr 18, 2014
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Uh oh Tesla on the move again. Hope you short sellers don’t lose on this one. Up around 27 points in last two weeks.
We haven’t kicked this horse in awhile, and I’ve been away from the Forum for a few weeks. So let me bump it again.

A few weeks ago, TSLA got to a market value greater than the next 4 or 5 car companies combined!

WTF??? I hope you short sellers didn’t lose too much.

A year or two ago, I suggested that the exit strategy for Musk was to sell Tesla to a major car company and pocket the gains, so he can plow them into some other business.

Not anymore. Now Tesla can work a merger or acquire another major car company outright with a TSLA stock swap or other cashless method (recall the AOL/Time Warner merger 20+ years ago). Then Tesla will have a network of dealers for sales and service. Service is one area that Tesla has sucked at. Maybe GM?

You read it here first.


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May 16, 2013
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Ist is really interesting how many different Models there are now. Polestar, Porsche, VW, Tesla and more.

For me the Polestar looks quite good, high quality interior, maybe a bit heavy. The taycan a bit too big and expensive, the Model S in serious need of a refresh and much higher interior quality.

Lucid in serious need of service network, but good looking and awesome power.

Wonder when Audi and Porsche will showcase their next electric car.

Anything happening in Detroit lately ?

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Yeah, it's been a year since this thread began but enough time to see real change. Business models aside, I'm very excited about the direction of electric vehicles as an evolution in transportation that keeps cars on the road, not a phase out of the automobile and push towards mass public transportation on buses, trains and bicycles. Here are some upcoming models.

Also very cool are these ideas for less exciting or otherwise dead cars:
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