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    Carroll Hall Shelby, Dies today at age 89

    The race is over for Carroll - he won in so many ways. RIP
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    Dear Santa

    All I want is for my bank to stop signing their communications with me 'LOL'
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    "around the world in a ford gt"

    Looked like a lot of fun. Looked like a lot of snow! eeeek!
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    London Trip

    You should have mentioned you were coming over..... I'm in London all the time, would have been delighted to have bought you lunch. Next time...!
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    Polaroid -> Apple

    Fantastic.... I'd love a commune stuffed with mistresses. Top bloke.
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    GT Joey's Interview with Jay Leno

    I loved mine..... :)
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    Corn Harvest by hand with horses

    Compared to the barn on my property, that one is practically brand new! Looks like a lot of hard work, and a lot of fun too.... how did you get on?
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    Incredible Color pictures from the 30's and 40's

    Very hard times back then and very different lives....... Over here we were at war, soon to be joined by the USA. I wonder how the lives for the black cotton pickers were back then? Pretty grim I should imagine. I find old photography quite fascinating. In the same way when you look at a...
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    GT Joey's Interview with Jay Leno

    A fun interview with the ambassadors of the GT! :)
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    Happy Birthday - Piccola

    And belated birthday wishes from me too! xx
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    Delivery of my new Ford GT

    Nice! :) Such a great color too....
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    The F1 ace Jenson Buttons GT is For Sale

    There's another for sale - a blue with stripe for $247k at the moment in the UK ..... Quite a price disparity.
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    Mountune GT on the podium in Portugal

    Congratulations! Fantastic result......
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    Got rear ended in GT, was thinking of bumper delete, till I see what its

    Holy smoke! That photo above is a nightmare! Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Porsche and maybe an Aston (?). I wonder what happened?
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    A bit ponderous, but the 'father' of your Ford GT

    A very early coal-powered whipple on the back there.