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    Going through old files....found this clip....

    I noticed that the FIA GT1 Fords (based on our cars) were already considered vintage racers at last year's HAWK at Road America. As driven, they weren't very competitive. They even allow new Superperformance GT 40's to compete as vintage. Good thing vintage doesn't mean anything. Dick Krentz
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    '16 Ford GT Purchase Poll?

    Just another V-6 twin turbo supercar, but apparently, that's the future. At least they didn't tout a V12 like the Jag 220 and settle for the TT6. I'd get a Lambo first--it's better looking and AWD. I guess I'm getting too old for all of this new technologyi, but basically, the styling turns me...
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    GT 40 Photo Appreciation

    A few years ago I met a fellow named George Snyder here in Minneapolis. He's about my age (67 now). He was admiring my GT and said he had owned a GT40 back in the late 60's but had to sell it before his first child was born since his wife wanted a house. So he sold it in 1972. The next time...
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    Dan Gurney at Amelia Concours

    Great. See you there.
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    Availability ofRicardo transaxles

    I checked with Stillen. THERE ARE NO PARTS ANYWHERE.
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    Availability ofRicardo transaxles

    Take good care of your transaxle. There are less than 50 new units available from Ford and no replacement parts to fix them from Ricardo or, to my knowledge, anyone else in the world. My 2nd gear was giving me problems for the last year, starting at about 55,000 miles plus. I looked around...
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    Shadowman, I met you at the 2010 rally at VIR. I have an '06 with 65,000 miles on it. I was...

    Shadowman, I met you at the 2010 rally at VIR. I have an '06 with 65,000 miles on it. I was having trouble getting into 2nd gear both under acceleration at red line in 1st and under braking downshifting from 3rd to 2nd. The transaxle is out of the car and it's obvious I need a new clutch. I...
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    Rally Scheduled

    Sounds like a plan. Only 59,000 on my GT so far. Driving to Shelby Nationals at Watkins Glen & 2 days at Road America scheduled so far. This will be a good way to end the track season. Add one. Dick Krentz
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    Rally 7 will be in...

    How many of you have put your car on Road America? I have 4 times (8 days) with Northwoods Shelby Club. For our type of car it is the ideal road course in the US. 4 miles of HIGH SPEED action, 150' of elevation (VIR was 135'--but not as noticeable as RA). Bugs have never been a problem, but...
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    Next rally

    Why not Road America? I've been there 4 times with my GT at the annual Northwoods SAAC three day event and it beats the Hell out of Miller (which I did at SAAC 32). It has 4 miles and 150 Ft. of elevation changes on one of the fastest, most iconic road courses in the country. It's centrally...
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    Rally 5 - V.I.R - Who's coming?

    Add 1 more. Room is booked. When do we register? Dick Krentz
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    Chip Beck Pre-Rally V dinner on Tues. night, Sep. 28

    Add 1 more for dinner on 28th. Dick Krentz