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    Gauge Failure Prevention

    Thanks for the info. I wish I had logged back on before I pulled the trigger on Speed Hut. The gauges arrived well packed and looked great. I opted for the aluminum backing and purely subjective. I had lost the fuel gauge ( at zero always ) as mentioned and when the speedometer...

    Gauge Failure Prevention

    Does anyone have a specific recommendation for (or against) installing a Speed Hut cluster or an alternative brand? I'm on my 2nd GT and this one had 300 miles on MSO when arrived last year. Had no issues with the tachometer or other gaures as with the 2006 RE: occasional oil pressure gauge (...

    Steep decline in FGT Values

    Does anyone have a relative idea..... a long shot guess....or hard numbers..... on how many 05'-06' GT's still remain on MSO? I've attempted to search them out online and it seems they are getting far and few between but then, another one pops up for sale.

    GT350R street price

    Hey BtwoG, Haven't been on the Forum for a few years. Just picked up a new 05 GT and hopped back on the site. I saw your posting for a GT350R and you are from Atlanta..... I had one tied up at our Ford store in Chamblee (Hennessy Ford) until I found another GT. I run our Honda store in...

    Availability ofRicardo transaxles

    Call Aaron Scott at South Ga Corvette in Thomasville, Ga. He's one of the best engine builders in the country and a GT expert. He repaired my GT when 3rd gear split from a known Electron Beam Weld from Ricardo at 3,000 miles. Ricardo put their head in the sand but it was a broadcasted failure...

    collector car market

    It's difficult to trust the stock market when the "fiscal cliff, a trillion dollar debt and welfare sucks us dry". And lets not forget our social security (when the time comes) may not even exist. Gold is so high it has to come down soon and I think cars like yours are the only reasonable...

    The Egg Trick

    I watched Carson a lot. Yep, giving up my age. How are things in Mammoth? I ran the Best Western there way-way too many years ago!! Can't see you putting snow chains on her and I don't miss those 10" overnight snowstorms. Thanks for bringing back such a funny spot. I'm egg shopping...

    GT Jumping out of first gear

    Did you ever determine the cause of your first gear issue. Mine had the dredded third gear seperation but Aaron Scott repaired and after 1,000 miles it is flawless. Ricardo gears are two piece "electron beam" welded together. When the weld fails, the gear freewheels. There is no "jumping out" of...

    Purchased GT: Now which exhaust system?

    So many pipes.... So little time...... I've got STILLENS and it's downright nasty. Not sure if the cops are looking at the car or the fact they hear me coming and going a quarter mile away. Some drone at low RPM as others but barks like a mad dog when the boost hits. I did for the temp drop as...

    Ford GT Price Valuations

    I can hear a few "Amens" out of that comment. I'll provide the first one.

    Ford GT Price Valuations

    My thoughts as well. In the typical retail passenger suv and car market, engine modifications are a killer. Lowered cars, aftermarket wheels as you mention all show the vehicle was "tampered with" and a difficult resell or expensive to bring back original. I pretty much assumed that would be...

    Ford GT Price Valuations

    Hi Herb, A great topic and very well discussed replies. I'd like to toss in another twist. As some of you know I just managed to repair a failed 3rd gear and save the 15K new transaxle purchase. The $14,000 part savings was spent on a Whipple pulley, oil cooler, STILLEN clutch and exhaust...

    Ricardo Transaxle Issues - 3rd Gear

    They do an "Octane and Caffeine" meet somewhere in East Cobb County. Not been there but a friend said there were two GTs last time. We will have to crash the party. Take care.

    Ricardo Transaxle Issues - 3rd Gear

    Hi STU: I'm a little nervous of S Ga as it parted me with some serious cash!! LOL. Great idea. I'd love to meet a few fellow GT owners in Georgia. Drop me a line if ever in Atlanta area.

    Ricardo Transaxle Issues - 3rd Gear

    MTV8: Yes, I do have pics of the gear and will be happy to share with you next week. Just got her home today after a 220 mile drive from Aaron's shop. Gone to the beach next week and will be sure to send then or possibly tomorrow.