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    Does anyone know about a 2006 GT in Florida for $175,000

    It's not a nice car. Awful paintwork, it appears to have been repaired several times as there are varying types and quality of paintwork. Some parts missing, if the quality of the paintwork is this bad, I can't believe what lies beneath is any better.
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    Miami speeding ticket- Attorney?

    LOL. After this, I'd rather not deal with that idiot... The best guy in miami for the least amount of money is Harvey Greenberg. 305-962-5358, his email is Last time I used him he was around...
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    Heritage spotted on I95, miami in the rain...

    I got so distracted I almost hydroplaned into the median. Sorta like the same feeling I got when I saw Elvis last week...
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    Heritage spotted on I95, miami in the rain...

    Heritage spotted in miami on I-95 in the rain... Rear bumper delete, the number four on the sides and back and Michigan plate. I'd like to thank the driver for making one of my all time favorite cars possible. :thumbsup
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    corosion central tunnel and spark covers

    I had these same issues on my car, the dealer replaced the center tunnel/console under warranty. Problem was they hacked up the interior so bad, I didn't want the car when I got it back!
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    NOT AGAIN --- Mouse eats GT

    Could you imagine the consequences if that had really happened?
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    Badge removal

    Anyone know what kind of wheels are on that black car? More pics would be appreciated!
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    Extreme GT at PB SC Weekend

    My friend John who puts on the PBSW called me after talking to this guy at the show. He tells me there's a guy there with an FGT with 2000hp, sequential shifting F1 style gearbox, etc... I told him the guy was full of shit and now I find this thread!:lol
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    Miami : Runway event : 2 miles long : February 22nd

    His name is Christian, I believe his user name here is Sprite. I helped twist his arm to get the FGT!
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    Miami : Runway event : 2 miles long : February 22nd

    Haha! He chose to bring his FGT instead of his G-SL or his 430! :thumbsup