Serious question for guys who actually drive these cars a lot


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Aug 8, 2007
almost 70k miles on my blue car (I bought the car with 30 something thousand miles on it 10 years ago) so i put about 40K on it in a span of 5 years unfortunately I have not driven it much lately in the last 5 years but most of the miles were put on in if the first 5 years of ownership. and that was along with another 05 Gt that I put about 12k miles on.. for a period of time the high milage car was my daily driver used to drive it in the rain and all other weather conditions. if fact , I remember there was a video of me driving my car in the rain taken by some random people 7 or 8 years ago at a time when most people still had less than 2500 miles on their cars and someone here posted it on this site and most people were shocked that someone would drive their car in the rain...


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Feb 13, 2006
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23,700 miles on mine. Charley and I spent 10 days or so driving around Europe and we carried all of our clothing and gear with us in the '06 GT. Flat garment bags behind the seats, bag on the passenger floor, and the frunk full. Compared to the new GT the old one is like a Suburban! I only take it to restaurants where I can self park and pay the valet to watch it or where I can see it. Charley and Peggy and I have had a blast in that car and most of my miles have been Rally related or traveling to other car events. Some times I spend a whole day seeking out the best mountain roads in AZ. My body will wear out before my 2006 GT does so I'm good to go. If a car is too valuable to drive and enjoy then it's too valuable own IMO. My old GT, to me, is kind of like living in Scottsdale. The more I traveled all over he country and the world the more I came to appreciate and love Scottsdale, Arizona. The more vintage & modern high performance/super cars that I have a chance to drive the more I love the feel, balance, sound, and analog involvement of the 2006 GT. Driving the old GT is like playing tennis, driving some modern supercars is like playing PONG. Every time I get in it's a thrill, it never disappoints me, I love that car. And there really isn't anything that can go wrong with it that Rich can't make brand new again. All the best.



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May 23, 2013
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Is that car a Pantera?.......No
In a HomeTown car show 1 blocks from my residence I was able to put my Pantera right next to my GT... The question above never came up :)
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