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    when we were chatting Saturday at CnC, you mentioned the nitrous issues you faced the other day at the Mile. Have you seen the Nano Nitrous systems (Google it)? These ensure more consistent nitrous delivery throughout the bottle's life so you don't get a drop-off in performance as the bottle depletes.
    Just a thought. Are you going to kick Jason's ass at the next 701hp track day in Sealy?
    Hey bud. I know this is gonna sound stupid but How do I change my status from Spectator to Owner of Tungsten 06 GT?

    I just bought a 2005 from Tomball Ford here in Houston. I am a member of the Houston Cobra Club and we meet regularly. Do the GT owners here in Houston get together any? E-mail me at


    Larry Boatner
    Soroush did you beat that 10 sec bike? I couldn't tell from the video, but it appears you took him off the line. Impressive, since you were on GYs and a bike is fastest off the line.

    Are you going to install the clutch soon? Shadowman speaks highly of the Stillen gears too. Might think of a set while the transaxle is out.
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