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    Eddie FourFather Hill's 2019 Ford GT images

    yes the kind of brain damage you are talking about is closely related to another medical condition referred to as hypergonadysis ie big ball syndrome
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    Engine and Intercooler Radiator Air Bleed Lines Installed

    i used that same area to mount my magnetic trickle charger port
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    Getting ready order lifts: width recommendations?

    Andy double wide is the way to go if space under the lift will be used frequently. Either for moving cars in and out of or just even foot traffic.. if you have a big warehouse then I dont see a need for double wide you can just fill the space with regular 4 post lifts, but if you will be using...
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    Serious question for guys who actually drive these cars a lot

    almost 70k miles on my blue car (I bought the car with 30 something thousand miles on it 10 years ago) so i put about 40K on it in a span of 5 years unfortunately I have not driven it much lately in the last 5 years but most of the miles were put on in if the first 5 years of ownership. and that...
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    Eddie FourFather Hill’s 2006 Ford GT Heritage For Sale

    ahhh been eyeing a tire changing machine for a while sadly no space at the moment. you are lucky.. I cringe every time I have to get a set of wheels mounted
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    Eddie FourFather Hill’s 2006 Ford GT Heritage For Sale

    same here.... snap on sells some very nice plastic scrapers and gasket removers that do this job perfectly. my product of choice is goof off. very effective but not too destructive like chemB 12 or something like that.
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    Engine and Intercooler Radiator Air Bleed Lines Installed

    very nice job... need more posts like this..
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    Original 1969 Ford GT40 Competition Car vs. 2006 Ford GT vs. 2018 Ford GT Competition

    thanks for posting. great video.
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    New car questions

    stay with the OEM stuff :)
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    New car questions

    might be running low on blinker fluid...
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    Any Houston GT Owners Have a Tungsten Car?

    tiago is in houston, he has a tungsten car and he is a member here. you might be able to see the car at a sat night ottos meet.
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    Another unexpected kind gesture from a great man

    very thoughtful, kind, and generous with his time...
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    GT with Cargo Top !

    im both impressed and terrified at the same time.
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    'Pricey, but, would be kool to have.

    these are the first thing I will buy when I get my fire truck! btw, dont plan on doing any suspension work!