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    Car lift

    in the small attachment/picture you posted above does the jack hit the floor when you lower the lift all the way down?
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    Hagerty's Take on the New FGT

    have you read the vette thread? :)
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    Car lift

    ya they are great get two of them so you can lift the whole car up.
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    Ford GT Forum 200 mph Club & Standing Mile Results

    nice to have the old thread re awakened.. this was always a fun topic.... for some
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    05/06 FGT Thermal R&D X-Pipe

    thanks for reply yes they do stick out quite a bit and you are most definitely correct on the taste thing... I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. this is a great price for someone looking for one of these...
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    that is a new low if I have ever heard one... I feel sorry for this persons family...
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    05/06 FGT Thermal R&D X-Pipe

    is it me or do they look like they stick out the rear bumper quite a bit? do you have any profile pictures?
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    who doesnt like barnum and baileys?
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    Mike Mosing B'day

    happy birthday mike hope you have a great day!
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    2006 GT with 690 miles---electrical issue--starting help if you can

    it could also be the little plastic connector on the starter itself... I know they usually melt with aftermarket exhaust but if the car doesnt get driven much it could start to corrode and or the plastic connector could have still melted and loosened up allowing for intermittent contact. if you...
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    Clutch & Flywheel Replacement

    the stock clutch is generally good to about 800-850 hp anything more you need a stillen and anything above 1100 youll need a spec. \ there is no real difference in the feel of the stillen vs stock clutch and there is very little chatter when using the spec clutch that is rated to 1500hp. and yes...
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    Fubar's GT Build

    talk about blue balls.......
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    Delivery day 2019 GT's. Great Day!

    great colors ! congrats