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    center lock wheels for the new GT

    I dont know if you can access this link its prime videos and on this episode of rad rides by troy starting at about 19:40 there is new gt that has been transformed with old school looking center lock wheels...
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    Home Arcade Games?

    I had one of the ones you sit to play second player sits across.... it worked for about two years before the tube went out on it...
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    What would you be looking to buy next?

    well just like specracer when you made your post I had just purchased another fox body so I would not be the best person to ask what other cars to consider...
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    What would you be looking to buy next?

    One of these cars is the most beautiful car in the world... the other is a 2019 ford GT :)
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    2005/2006 BBS wheels

    I have a set I sent you PM
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    Added some color to my "Coal Chutes " !!

    Nice job Brian, I like the new eyebrows...
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    New GT has arrived

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    05 Ford GT power loss

    if for some reason the secondary injectors are not coming on you will experience what you are describing.... its one place i would look into.. there are drivers for the secondary pump and relay in front of the car
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    Why do this?

    i just threw up in my mouth....
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    2005-06 Ford GT Build from Scratch Project

    great project, looking forward to your updates... you do your own cad cam design and fabrication?
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    Stradman buys a 2005 GT in Hawaii

    agree with what you said and at one point we were that d-bag young fools to our then elder counterparts... but still this new generation seems to have veered off course in quite a spectacular way ,much more so than before.... before if you saw an idiot you'd say oh well who cares go be an idiot...
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    My day

    very nice combo....
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    First time in a while that the kids have been together

    excellent photo... I would like to reproduce this but im missing a 65 shelby...
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    Advice needed: How to confirm that a GT is the right car?

    Ive said it many times before... 05/06 Gt possibly the "best" car ever made... take that for what it means to you... for me, its that simple.. being disappointed when you buy and first drive a 05/06 gt is like being disappointed the first time you use a cell phone... I know you guys are old...
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    My new delivery mileage Ford GT

    congrats... and nice video. once you get her running, if you really want an angry monster, you might want to consider a pulley and tune it will do wonders for the performance of the car.