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  • Thank you BlackICE,

    sorry, but i cannot remember exactly, but i think the thred was: something about, if a stock GT would go past the 220 mph !
    maybe you can remember now, because my car was doing 351 kms/h(sorry but i have no exact idea what that is in miles!!) not on the odometer, on a GPS based nab. unit, on a slightly declining "Autobahn" in Germany before i put another pulley on the stock-charger by Dave Jones former boss of Roush u.k. (in Brentwood, U.K.) now boss of montune and revolve u.k. still in Brentwood, on their dyno my car had 582 HP, before the pulley change.
    Dear BlackICE, i am trying to relocate your post of 28th july 2010, but i cannot find it anymore, wanted to give you an answer, but the webmaster took abit more time than i thought to enable me to put post's.
    Can you help me finding your #27 ???
    Hi BlackICE,

    I live in Hillsborough also. I just bought a late 06 tungsten with silver stripe. Whipple supercharger and Ford racing exhaust. Let's get together. Here is my info:

    Andre Simone
    (cell) 650 218-3665

    Look forward to meeting you.
    I was thinking of getting the race exhaust(headers, muffler delete with resonators). Need to be under 96db at full throttle from 15 meters. Will the ford race headers and resonators work for me? Shadowman said you might know.

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