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Since there are lots of newer members:

Car Wrecks

Please note, it has been the long term policy of Ford GT Forum that we do not post pictures and videos of car accidents or damage to other people's GTs. This policy has grown less relevant over time, but when the GT was less of a collector's item and the cars were in constant use, they were crashed frequently. Certainly at least a few hundred were damaged in the early years, and as you know, the internet loves documenting a good exotic car smashup. So in an effort to keep people from constantly posting other's misfortune, injuries or death, the policy was born. We indeed had a few members die in crashes, including one who was killed as the car burned to the ground while onlookers filmed.

This policy has been made relevant again by a widely-circulated vicious accident in which a GT driver was reportedly (by someone who knew him, but not verified) killed.

Owners have however always been free to post pictures of their own car wrecks if they see fit, and in roughly 15 years of operation, I can recall precisely 2 owners that have taken advantage of this policy. You can imagine the wide disparity in people taking the opportunity to post their own car accidents versus those choosing to post other people's car accidents.

I would just note generally that the Internet, which was obviously a huge mistake, has created a disconnect from reality in which circumstances and events viewed through a screen are somehow "less" real. It's why the first thing you see at a car crash is usually gawkers with their phone out. I consider this content no different than something like when TMZ reports deaths before family members are even notified, and therefore I don't allow it. If you enjoy it, plenty of places in this irredeemable cesspool to find it.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.
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So very glad this morally proper rule is in effect. I remember reading of it when I first became a member here years ago, and knew I was in the company of great car people.
Didn't know about the death/fire incident, got an instant pit in the gut.

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Back in the bad old days when I had a McLaren, I remember commenting on their forum that it wasn’t proper for people to post pix of wrecks, and that we should follow the GT Forum policy. I was pilloried, the reaction being akin to “ but dude, wrecks are sooo cool”


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Politics and wrecks are a big nope!
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Dec 14, 2019
Politics and wrecks are a big nope!
Yes, both the same.
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