2005-06 Ford GT Build from Scratch Project


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Nov 28, 2005
What an awesome project. Would push the "Like" button many times if I could.
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bret a ewing

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Nov 29, 2006
Thank you so much for documenting this project, so incredibly interesting.

The plastic fuel filler flap and dinky spring is so fragile many folks have broken them off. Myself included. Much care is needed when filling the tank not to hit the spring side of the flap with the fuel nozzle. You'll know when the flap fails, engine check light leading to emissions fault code. Have you created a better mouse...er fuel trap door?


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Oct 24, 2005
That is a very impressive undertaking and project. Do a search on the forum.
Someone else has done the same thing. The only other person I know that could undertake this would be specracer!
he may even have enough parts to build a car at this point