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    Buyer Beware!!

    FYI: Just trying to make any members who may have purchased GT head lamps or other items on ebay from this seller: speedracer800 link to his items: the head lamps he is...
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    Just looking through BJ results for Vegas and came across this....seems like a good deal for a heritage

    there have been a couple Heritage cars at auction that seasoned GT buyers wouldn't touch with a 10' pole. just because it's a Heritage doesn't mean it's a pristine car regardless of the mileage. just sayin- do your homework.
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    Oil and serpentine belts

    not sure what your price source is but you might want to update. also the -BA belt is now obsolete from Ford. the oil belt run was done in 2010. you will not find a newer date code (I don't believe) but shelf wear and age doesn't make a belt weak. continual engine heat soak and cooling is what...
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    very informative
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    $60,000 mark up on a GT 500.

    Bill Brown Ford in Livonia, MI $95K . JOHN DeSOURMO
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    Alternator Bracket mounting Bolts - Anyone know the size or part number?

    the lower is the same size as the 2 uppers except that the uppers have the extra studs on top of the bolts for harness mounting. you can cut it off or just leave it.
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    Cyber Monday Sale - BBS FI-R Wheels

    what's the diameter of the cap? I might have a GT over lay
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    Programming Gauge Control Module

    the odometer reading is only kept in the gauge check module above your left knee under the dash. plug in a new one and the mileage goes to zero or have the dealer program it to the correct mileage. The Ford OASIS report shows every service, oil change and repair the car has ever had at the...
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    Repainting the 2005 red ford Gt to heritage wondering if anyone done this and where and how much

    I've seen a lot of wraps and some look really fantastic like Carl's car he did in a matte nickel color. I think the what the original question was should he re-paint. It boils down to the particular GT. if it's an original low mileage car that has never been touched then obviously the answer is...
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    Mustang Mach-E all electric SUV

    is this next?? I have no issue with the vehicle, just the branding. call it a Ford-e, Fairmont-e, Fairlane-e, just not a Mustang. jmo
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    Brought tears to my eyes,

    gary, glad you sold it to Ed. he's a great guy and a great customer!