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    Ford GTX1 for Sale #16

    As the original owner of this car, I believe it is fairly represented by the current owner. After the flood, I discussed the potential repair with Rich who said he could make it like new, or better, by doing the things this owner claims to have accomplished but in the final analysis, I couldn't...
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    Denis Breitenbach's BIRTHDAY!

    The best of belated Happy Birthday Wishes, Denis!
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    Mr. Bryan Axelrood 1954-2013

    You are being held in the thoughts and prayers of many people you do not know. Thank you for including us during this difficult time.
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    Happy Birthday, Midnite Blu!

    Happy Birthday George. Hope you're still out celebrating!
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    Happy birthday Shadowman!

    Happy Birthday Bill. Hope you're still having a great day!
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    Happy Birthday, shelbyelite!

    The best of belated Happy Birthday wishes!
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    Anybody want a project??? Two salvage

    This one looks like it was either raced by someone who hit everything on the track but the finish line, or someone's spouse took out her anger on the car. Actually it's a 1 of 1 - the only FGT with 2 salvage titles!
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    No Stripe Red Project

    If it's anything like the last red one, it will be something to behold...especially on the street. Bony used to say something to the effect "I never do anything to violate the laws of man or nature". There's a GT owner in Atlanta who retired from street racing...undefeated.
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    Happy Birthday to our fearless leader Chip Beck

    happy Birthday Chip! Have a great day!
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    Happy Birthday ‎timcantwell !!

    The best of belated Happy Birthday Wishes, Tim.
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    Forum Member will be Racing at Daytona Sat 2/16/13 at 4:30 pm on SPEED

    Mark Thompson is a FGT enthusiast from Atlanta who will once again be racing car #62 at Daytona Saturday afternoon. It's a hobby and he enjoys competing with the big buck teams. Best wishes for a great race, Mark!
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    Video: 10.63 @ 132 MPH on Bridgestones

    Very nice run and very familiar sight seeing a T Porsche fade in the mirror.
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    Happy Birthday, analogdesigner

    Happy Birthday, Jay. Hope all is well.
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    New Trailex Trailer

    One additional point of interest is these trailers retain a very high value with insurance companies. Mine was 6 years old and had a loss value of more than $16,000 with State Farm.
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    Happy birthday Ed Sims

    The best of belated Happy Birthday wishes Ed!