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  • Don't know if you like this sort of thing but my son Ben stumbled across somthing kind of cool. Stamper Jewelry (they make all of the jewelry for Harley and are top quality) has a nice collection of Ford licensed products. They have a lot of items with GT on it that is for a Mustand GT but is the same as the FORD GT. You may want to pull up their web site and check some of the items out. Again, drop me and email to so I can get you back in my address book that has not been retreaved as of last night.
    Great to meet you and had a great time. Never got out of the presentation untill after 11. Got my computer back but have not got my email contact list as of yet. Got your trophy from the show. Please send me an email with your UPS address and I will send it to you. That will also give me you contact info to save.
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