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    3 generations

    Great interview with a Great automotive Giant.
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    Bridgestone replacement source

    Yep, cold temps = reduced tire grip + increased engine power. Respect the throttle pedal.
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    Merkury Tip

    Glad to have you on the Forum Greg! Best group of GT aficionados you will ever find. Searching this Forum will get you GT information on just about anything related to your car.
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    Merkury Tip

    Simply beautiful Rich! True artwork from the Brooks/Pardo dream works...... Colors are stunning.
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    Back to South Dakota

    Jim, thanks for taking in some awesome car events, pool side meals, picnics and fantastic cooking by our wives! It was a pleasure sir!! Gary has definitely lost his room..... See you soon ;)
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    Cowbells, uh err XYLOPHONEs we need more XYLOPHONES!!!!
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    April Fool’s Day Prank

    I love those Jeff Gordon Pepsi prank's. 😂 Makes me want to use a cab instead of uber/lyft just for a chance.... Thanks for posting Rex!!
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    Stay home ...

    I like a little color too. The Chicago display of the all carbon was a bit of a black hole. Very NICE job on the model!! Still working on the rear view mirrors? Even full size my clear bra installer struggled.
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    Tire stagger

    And there you go 05/06 guys, straight from the one of the design engineers ACTUALLY responsible for suspension/tire size selection. He also makes some aftermarket shock absorbers for the GT (his own design) which not only function superior to the OE shocks, are adjustable and are pure jewelry in...
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    Virtual Cars and Coffee (Indianapolis Edition)

    Sorry Drew I could not be there either for real or virtually! Still recovering from our World of Wheels event....
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    Tire stagger

    ??? If you are talking about postponing the Indianapolis 500 why don’t you start another thread??? Or that “Race” means specifically the Indianapolis Race. Not to be confused with the Races at Atlanta, Le Mans, Canadian Grand Prix, Silverstone, etc. Fail to see what the Indy 500 race has to with...
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    Tire stagger

    Joey, I am always amazed on how technical you try to be. Let’s let Scott and Mr. McGowan be the true sources of tire/ride/suspension information on the 05-06 since they were actually on the Ford GT build team and know the true car specifics. They are both very talented Engineers and know the...
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    New tire tech

    I agree, waste of time and energy. What business case could be presented to Michelin or any other tire maker to tool up this tire?
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    Mileage Milestone

    Hey Kirk, since this is a FORD GT Forum, how many miles do you have on your 05 Ford GT? Still waiting......🍿
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    Surprise publication arrival!

    Nice Tommy! Your buddy Carol was indeed a very special and talented individual.