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    Supercharger pump

    While Gary is correct, the "supercharger pump" is mechanically driven by a belt off the crankshaft pulley. Thus when the engine is running (the crankshaft is spinning) the supercharger pump is in operation by default. Now perhaps Tipo874 is referring to another system loosely associated with...
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    Am I now a moderator?

    Ohhhhh CRAP! We are all in for a bumpy ride with Gary at the controls!!!
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    Camilo on track

    Where is my popcorn emoji? :) Ahhhh, there it is 🍿
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    Camilo on track

    Actually this is a pretty good instructional video for those tracking their GTs, old or new. The GT350R owner Nick and his driver Austin tell us this is an advanced driver session. Both Camilo and Austin do a pretty good job of driving the Spring Mountain course and I applaud Camilo for putting...
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    Nicely put Dave. Good feedback and sounds like you had a great time. Now if Nick and Blake had been there, that would have been a photo.
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    NGT Engine Build

    Thanks Andy. This video came at a very opportune time for me. Needed to see some build shots....
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    WHAT A DAY...or two.....

    Congrats Jack! What an experience. I will unload her anytime you are not around.....
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    Happy Birthday 1418 !!

    Come join the NFGT party Manny. Here's hoping you win an allocation! Happy B'day my friend....
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    Titanium vs Regular Exhaust Video

    Just out of curiosity..... Billy is very technically savvy and understands how to treat an engine for longevity. When you get to his experience level you know quite a bit about engine design. So why do you think he has not "upgraded" his engine control to allow his personal V6 to rev higher...
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    Happy birthday GKW05GT

    Gary, I think Jim was just waiting for this day to arrive to jump on the Birthday. Have a Bud Light for me and enjoy your day!
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    More power to be pulled from the little engine that could?

    Well put DBK. But when a new owner does dive into the deep water, be sure to let us know how it goes!:biggrin
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    Happy Birthday BONY !!

    RIP my friend...… You are very much missed.
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    Fubar's GT Build

    Yea, what he said!!! Mark you have been absent for FAR too long. Give us an update. Will the car again be at PRI this year? (with you?)
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    Carbon Series

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    More power to be pulled from the little engine that could?

    Paul, I completely agree. If a new FGT owner has deep pockets and is not looking to Ford to support any engine warranty claims, have at the modifications. This new 3.5L V6 is NOTHING like the 5.4 V8 in the 05-06 and will not tolerate the multiple engine modifications the early cars took on...