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    Houston area dinner

    A’Bouzy!! I’m in.
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    Whipple rework

    In your 666th post you regency going SC/TT, perhaps the sign of something ominous?
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    Titanium Exhaust

    Options Heck, I would take a GT allocation even if these were the only seats available:
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    Houston area dinner

    I'm in if you guys allow old German jalopy's to show up.
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    "I didn't get picked to buy a NGT" sour grapes thread

    I'm beginning to think that my inclusion of a self portrait hurt my chances...
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    My review of M2K Motorsports (Fulshear, TX)

    Let me know if you guys will accept some Italian junk tagging along.
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    My review of M2K Motorsports (Fulshear, TX)

    +1, they did great work and exceeded expectations.
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    Clear Bra Installer in the South Houston Area

    Yes, west. Just outside BW8 off the westpark. Before them, I've driven further for installs that weren't as good.
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    Clear Bra Installer in the South Houston Area

    EVS motors Ted or Gabbie 888.878.2213 Wrapped my last 4 cars, best I have seen, tried others before.
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    Houston area dinner

    If you guys are open to turncoats, I am in.
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    Valentine One problems...

    Same experience here, I figure between the new taillights, headlights, sensor arrays, and adaptive speed systems, my V1 has become useless in the city over the last year. It is a shame since it was my favorite when I bought it over a decade ago. I guess I shouldn't complain since the useful life...
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    WWII Spitfire PILOT

    Very cool, thanks for posting!
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    If you can't find it, call Shelby

    Congrats, I'm hoping you get a heat wave so we can hear your impressions and comparisons to your previous cars!