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    Happy Birthday Midnite Blu

    belated happy birthday
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    GT Forum's Fastest Man - USMC Lt.Colonel Jason Waldren

    thanks Chip sharing the pics and write up, wish you Waldo a happy retirement.
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    777 still going. Cool.

    777 finished the race on position 6 which is a good performance for the first race and especially after all the trouble they had last season, even last week during the setup runs they were forced to interrupt after day 1 due to a damaged engine so the team headed home one day earlier to fix the...
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    777 still going. Cool.

    the first race of the season just began. Watch the race live at via livestream . Keep also an eye on the Nr 399 a wicked cayman S :wink enjoy Pierre
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    Birthday Boy

    happy birthday Chip, enjoy your day wish you all the best :cheers Pierre
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    My friend Ray Hofman.

    Thanks Tommy for sharing the link, in fact it was a beautiful service, watching the video resuming his life gave me goose bumps. God bless his family Pierre
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    My friend Ray Hofman.

    Thanks Chip for the wonderful write-up, Tomorrow i will be in tough with all of you. Pierre
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    777 still going. Cool.

    hopefully this season will be a good one for 777. Juergen made a great work building up his race car, you can watch the pics of the rebuild on his page.
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    Ray(Peak Completions) is flying with the angels

    I can´t believe it, when i logged in i saw Ray (peakcompletion) and said wow Ray got a new car or made a great performance and than this sad announcement. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but thanks to this forum i felt i knew him quite good. I remember when he broke the speed record...
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    Onboard GP2 hillclimb video

    Thanks Dave for sharing. i know the place it´s very close from where i live about 30miles in Switzerland (Jura) Pierre
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    Get ready for February 10

    Happy Birthday Anders wish you all the best :cheers Pierre
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    Happy Birthday, STORMCAT

    Happy Birthday Brian all the best take care
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    Congratulations Francis . I know all your older posts on forum auto ( as i told you in a former Thread here), its always a pleasure reading your postings. long life to your Club regards Pierre
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    The ford gt at le mans classic 2014.

    That sounds very interesting, i will notice that date thanks St Ho for this initiative regards Pierre
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    First sight of a Ford GT

    I saw my first Ford GT in March 2005 at the Geneva Car Show, there was also a blue GT 40 on the display. Here 2 pics a took at that time Pierre