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    Deliveryday 21' Heritage

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    It's official, 2005 FGT 1343 is mine

    Congrats..If Dfw Area is in your route be glad to help out if needed.......
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    Inspection Report on FGT 1301

    That is what I was thinking ....depending what the car can be bought may not be all that bad ...there are few GT Techs and or shops that can get her all Squared away ......
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    Looking For A Trailer

    I spend 4 months chasing a ATC or Intech with Zero luck......most dealer won't even return call and the factory is no help ...the ones that did call back have one year wait time to get one .....I called Sean at JIMGO in Arizona and they sell direct or thru only one dealer ...Complete trailers...
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    Looking For A Trailer

    JimGlo is that way to go.....
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    GTs at Mecum Kissimmee Jan 15

    It Should...I have the same setup in mine backup cam,apple CarPlay ETC depending on what head unit you choose....u can buy the setup from M2K in Houston..they make the dash/headunit frame that looks OEM....
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    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

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    Thanks, Dave! And Chip!

    I echo all the sentiments on Rally.....ready for the next one.....
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    Ford GT Glazed Grinders T shirts

    If you has some in 2x Left over 05-06 I'll Take couple....I had to go and move my car and Didn't get a chance to back and get a shirt......
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    Ford GT Rally XIII pics

    few more...
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    Rally to the Rally Party at Beck's Landing - October 30

    Planning on being there with the GT...add 2 to the count ....Also thanks for hosting and looking forward to meeting everyone .....
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    Ford GT owners in DFW

    Matt, Be glad to show my 06 and let you get some seat time and go for a Drive....I'm open all day this Sat or Sunday.....I store my car at my Hangar ...Aero country airport...Mckinney.... let me know If that works for you ....its about 45 minutes up the tollway from Nw Hwy .....
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    Got my build date

    Congrats....Love the color......(y)
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    Tracking Vin # 1fafp90sx6y401700

    Start with a car fax report ....that may narrow it down to the state then DWV records should give u the current owners like is a good start ....
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    Secondary market.