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    Delivery of #0007 - 2018 MY

    Truly a thing of beauty,
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    FGT Rally 10 - The Largest Ford GT Gathering of All-Time

    DBK I'll also make myself available So you can put me down as Ford GT Data Coordinator & Matech GT1 design team, see u then
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    Ford Racing News

    Very cool, see you in Aug. here in Dearborn. Thanks Ralphie
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    Parts crossover list?

    Sure how's everything going? and as the song goes you wear it well. LOL
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    Parts crossover list?

    I'll send you a drawing. So if you have to build one from Bosch items and your used FGT M/cyl & your push rod. But what you want from a dealer is a 5G7Z-2005-A* this is just the booster and rod asy. Or a 5G7Z-2B195-AE is the complete asy with reservoir, Master cyl, cap, clutch bracket and...
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    Parts crossover list?

    BlackICE thanks for key info!!! Ford GT production P/N is 4G7V-2B195-AE, Its a Bosch Part P/N 0 204 A32 510 rev level C What Bosch called a tandem 8. That's a 8 inch dia. double thick Bosch actuation Booster. I just happened to work for Bosch for a few years in Europe before coming home and...
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    Parts crossover list?

    Members and owners service life on a standard Ford Part is 10 years, on a FGT it is 15 yrs. Thanks to Mr. Edsel Ford's (RIP) passion and Love for the car in 2012. he added 5 more years shelf life on FGT service items. Must all of the Carry over, from other Ford products are now, out of dealer...
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    Matech GT1s Unveiled at the Carlisle Ford Nationals 2014

    Those were great times developing the GT1's with just a very small team of maybe 12 people in just a few months. Then winning the first race right out the box pure satisfaction baby.
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    Parts crossover list?

    Here's a quick list off the top of my head. Steering column is Focus Clock spring and levers are Mondeo Fuel release door mech is Mondeo Washer bottle is Aston Martin DB5 Park brake lever under trim is Escort outer door release bottom is Explorer back window release button inner release door...
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    Complete McIntosh FGT System new components 2800.00

    I've got a complete set of McIntosh system Components for a FGT. They are all new, not take offs from a wreck. Includes power supply, 2 Door spitters, 2 speaker, 4 tweeters, woofer, amp, and head unit/receiver. plus slitter wirering jumpers. everything BUT main body/IP harness & door Harnesses...
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    Looking for cats and stereo

    I have a complete McIntosh system all components for 2800.00. all components are new unused. 313-319-3266 Dale
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    Salvage titles

    That rebuild on the Salvage Black unit is kind of Hush, Hush. It took place while The GT Guys were still Roush Guys. So, they really don't speek of it. Do to confidetiality / etc with Ford.
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    Aftermarket Control Arms

    Matech designed 3 different versions of the FGT. I'm not sure all were with track changes. I beleive the change may have been in the Knukles or spindles or in the hub units. not the arms. I Will send a email to there designer & check. Just talked to H @ Robertson and he has designed Billet arms...
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    Aftermarket Control Arms

    Guy's your talking about Control arms here. Not bling, bling covers,plates, inserts or gas caps. They fail and people my DIE !!! Replacement bushes & joints would have been nice. But redesigning the Arms to accomidate this is not possible. Without Major OEM/SVT support And even then I don't know...
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    Original gulf/heritage shirt

    FYI Guys these shirts all ran a size if it's marked XL it's a large.