Two Items for sale that may be of special interest to Heritage owners


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Mar 13, 2006
Southern CA
Since I no longer have my '06 Heritage GT, I'm selling a couple memorabilia that were dear to my heart when I had the car.

First item up for sale is a limited edition Tag Heuer Monaco Gulf watch. One of 4000 made. I wore it very little and watch looks and works like new and keeps very accurate time. It's listed on eBay but if someone from here would buy from me direct, I'd sell it for $4200.

Second item is an oil painting by none other than Camilo Pardo himself. And since this will be a PITA to ship, I prefer to sell to local buyers in Southern CA only. This painting came in a wood crate direct from Camilo who painted #5 on top of the #6 that was on the car based on my special request. And there's a good chance he will put any special number on the car upon special requests still.

Painting is about 75" wide and 32" tall and I'll let it go for $10000.

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