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  • Hi Bruce,

    This Gaby (GT4JR)! Hope all is well: I heard about ur new Viper; is it as enjoyable as ur ex red head Ferrari :biggrin? kendall just installed my Whipple last weekend :banana; it is scary fast :willy! I was wondering how much HP & torque you got during our last dyno? I know every car would register different results but at least I will have an idea; also, can I dyno my car at your buddy's shop? Thanks!

    Bruce, Thanks for calling me yesterday (Saturday) from cars and coffee. I would be happy to help assist you with the sale of your Stradale. I have looked at Ferrari Chat and have a good following with the exotic car collector. The way my consignment works is the following: I do all of the marketing, offer financing and even extended warranties if available. I will also handle transport whether it be here or overseas. My consignment commission is 5% on agreed selling price. What I need from you if you choose to have m help is the following:

    Year: 2004
    Make: Ferrari
    Model: Stradale
    Color: Rosso Scuderia with red/black alcantara interior (I hope this is what you stated)
    Service History:

    here comes the hard part for most, I like to post 30-35 pictures minimum of each of the cars I sell. This is what sells the car, most buyer's I do business with have come to me via word of mouth, referal or due to my blogs or pod cast we do to put our company at the top of the search engines. So if this is acceptable and you would like to use my services let me know and I can begin to go to work for you. I have only one Caviat and that is you do not market the car yourself as it only confuses mots consumers. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.


    Bernie Katz
    BJ Motors, LLC.
    1-800-270-1608 ext. 2
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