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Jun 28, 2006
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He made his choice "to study journalism and write".
Others make choices like study engineering ("a bit more difficult than journalism I suspect) or spend 16 more years after high school for undergrad, masters, med school, 3yrs residency and 3 more years Fellowship and become doctors. Most times people get what they deserve when they work for it.......
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Aug 8, 2007
Since I have stated many times that, in my view, no car is worth over a million bucks, this will come as no surprise to many here:

I agree with much of what DeLorenzo wrote about the cars and their cost...most notably his comments regarding the C8.

That having been said, DeLorenzo's obvious and unbecoming disdain for wealthy individuals stood out like a tin outhouse in the moonlight...and was about as attractive.

'No call for that...
i have my own beliefs that run along the same lines i dont put a monetary value on any particular car but I believe when the price of a car goes above the actual cost of that car being reproduced close to the original then its a perverted price, ie some ferraris that cost millions of dollars I mean come on 52 million dollars for a car? and dont get me started on art.....
we can so easily go down a philosophical rabbit hole regarding this article that I dont think we would get anywhere anytime soon.., I see his disdain for rich people but he does make very good points. the car hobby is being hijacked by people that have turned it into a business and is no longer a hobby... and thats sad! the comments about the hypercars not driven to their potential or serving as art in someones extravagant collection is kind of funny only because its true.