Superformance 'Future GT Forty' with turbocharged V6 coming to SEMA Show


Blue/white 06'
Because the car is absolutely a modern take on the original FGT and to a slightly lesser extent, the Gen II FGT.

Both came with V8's.

I feel certain 95%+ of their prospective buyers will want a V8. With the Aluminator crate engine (from FoMoCo) coming in at just under 600hp naturally aspirated, I would think that would be the obvious and most desirable power plant.

Has nothing to do with the abilities of the TT V6.


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Aug 8, 2007
well it is a superformance so there is no reason why you couldnt shoe horn a V8 if you really wanted one, unless they make the engine bay so tight. It would be interesting to see if they keep that in mind for people that may not want a 6

I prefer the V8 also but only bc you can twin turbo or sc it and make 1000 plus.. Im looking forward to see someone making 1000 hp w ecoboost.
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