Set of re-finished BBS Rims w/2019 Date-code Goodyear OEM Tires *SOLD*


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Feb 15, 2006
Continuing my Spring cleaning initiative...

These are the optional OEM (BBS) Ford GT wheels that were originally painted and then subsequently stripped and powdercoated to a very good color match of the OEM wheels. As I understand, these wheels were powdercoated and then received a clear coat to add depth. In my opinion, difficult to discern from OEM from 5-6' distance but up close you can tell that the paint (powdercoat) is "thicker" and not to the same level of perfection as BBS finished the wheels. They would make good everyday wheels or good track wheels that are light and obviously fit the GT perfectly. I think they would be more difficult to nick/chip given the powdercoating and clear layers. Wheels include genuine OEM valve stems with BBS engraved valve-stem caps. Also included are the OEM "Ford GT" center caps as shown. I've spun all 4 wheels on our balancer and are all very true. Currently, we have a brand new set of OEM Goodyear tires mounted on them (2019 date codes). Asking $3,200 for the complete set of wheels/tires with pick-up in SoCal.

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Not able to ship?