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May 3, 2009
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Many of you know Steve - he was the photographer who documented the GT privateer racing programmes back in 2010-11, covering all the way up to the Matech Le Mans run led by the now sadly demised Martin Bartek. Well, Back in the day he put together an incredible set of volumes that covered every last detail of the Matech programme. I have a buddy who's building an RCR GTR replica and Steve's book has been invaluable in helping him figure out so many aspects of the racing GT's construction. Well, Steve sent me a copy of his new book that's just come out. This one covers only one car - the number 41 Marc VDS vehicle (I'm sure I saw it one year at Goodwood FOS?). Anyway it's got loads of technical pics that I love but mostly chronicles the car's races over two seasons. Photos of the car on-track at so many iconic circuits are awesome. Watching the car get damaged and smacked into through its two years of racing made me realize that race cars are simply tools; you beat the crap out of them, make them better, and when they're obsolete, who cares? Anyway, if you're a GT geek, you need this book.IMG_3389.jpg
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Oct 15, 2012
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Where can one get this book?

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Apr 2, 2009
Here's a link to the information I wrote about it before Christmas:

There are 2 books, one for car 40 (chassis numbers SN004 and SN006), and one for car 41 (chassis number MR10GT1SN003)

They can be purchased from Blurb which means printed in the USA and therefore a pretty quick shipping time. I think they currently have a big discount going... type this into the Discount Code section: IHEART30 in capitals.

Steve (MatechGT1)
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Apr 7, 2006
They are cool books! Collector type.