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  • Hello Ed,
    Tom L, a new owner & member from NorCal (Sonoma). Please let me know of any events in the area. I know winters here, & it may be Spring before anything happens. I would love to meet NorCal GT owners.
    Thanks, Tom
    Hi Ed

    I m Thom from Germany and looking for a Ford GT steering wheel sticker.

    Can you help me?

    Thanks a lot upfront


    ed, you have a lot of posts , you must be in the know! I'm new ,is there an agenda for the rally and where could I find out more about it...thanks ed.life
    Good morning Ed! I am going to try to start visiting the Forum.... going to try to find the time to..... I woke up thinking about your reenactment photos... that is way cool!
    Are you still doing the steering wheel stickers. If so, I would like to get one. My steering wheel emblem started looking bad just sitting in the garage.

    Mike Anderson
    Ed, as you might imagine, I'm quite nervous/anxious about getting the GT repaired properly. I'm pleased to hear there is experience here in the Sacramento area. I appeciate any information you can pass along. Thank you,

    Frank Dehn
    Hi JIm
    I'm sorry you couldn't make the Rally. Save that beer for me. I hope you can make Rally VI! It'll be in the West.
    Take care
    PS If you need more stickers just let me know.
    You sent me some really cool decals awhile ago and I owe you a beer. Was gonna go to rally, but didn't. I would like to send you some beer. Brand preference? and your shipping address.
    Jim Gibson
    Hello Ed,
    I live in San Diego and may be attending Rally V. I am looking for car transportation one way- going from NC Rally back to San Diego. If you still have room in your trailer and can accomadate me that would be great. Also, do you have an estimated cost?
    Give me a call when you get a chance. The drags sound interesting at Infineon. I'm curious about car and driver guidelines. Are you a member of SAAC? It might be fun to drive over in the GT even if I don't participate.
    Thanks Ed,
    I got my decals you sent me today! What is the origin of these? Did you design them ? I'll get that cold one to you someday.
    How do you do? Any chance I could get one of those round decals on the back window of your car, unless it is way special, I can't read the last word?
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