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    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Yup. ArriveCAN app on your mobile device for v-card & ID. No testing required either direction. I'll be in Ontario next week. Ed
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Triheart & Canibl brought their GTs for a summer party at Special Ed’s home. Ed
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    Hypercar Invitational

    Hanging out in a hanger! LOL. Ed
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    Hypercar Invitational

    Toasting to an Aston-Martin Valkarie. Why not? Ed
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    Hypercar Invitational

    I test drove the Venvo. A cool Danish car but the GTs beat it any day. Ed
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    Hypercar Invitational

    Hmmm.. which is the F-car & which is the Vette? Ed
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    Hypercar Invitational

    A fun time in Monterey/Carmel at the Hypercar Invitational. A road run down the PCH, 1/2 mi airport run then 2 days at Laguna Seca open sound. Fun times but I will have to tell you it still pales in comparison to any GT Rally! See you in Michigan friends! Thanks DBK! Ed PS Yes - Ben Sloss cars
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    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Special Ed & Heidi are in. I had to cancel some stuff & its right after Monterey Auto Week but we are there. Wouldn't miss it for the world. Thanks DBK. Ed
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    Pat Milliken Ford Cars and Coffee - June 12th

    Any photos? If not then it didn't really happen.
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    Happened Again - Extremely Frustrated

    Joe's a good man. I'm sure your problem steved57 will be fixed. Ed
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    Pat Milliken Ford Cars and Coffee 1 week away!

    I wish I was closer because I would be there! Cant wait to see the photos. I hope DBK can make it! Ed
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    N082 Delivery Day!

    Congratulations PilotMarky! Gorgeous car! Ed
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    Caffeine and Exotics

    A fun time! Ed
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    Next FORD GT rally?

    It's a slam dunk on location. Everyone can quit recommending close to their home for the Rally. We are all just waiting on the dates. Thanks DBK! Ed
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Great photos Syco! See you in August! Ed