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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Fun sunrise drive in the Sierra Nevada foothills near my home in NorCal. Some of the finest roads anywhere. Ed
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Outdoor dining with the GT. Ed \
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    Rally 13 UPDATE.

    So sorry to learn of this. 2021 it is then. Thanks Chip for all your hard work. Ed
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    Why do this?

    I remember all this when the GTX1 came out. A cool car will always get modded. Many times without style. Ed
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    Drone shots Trackday

    Looks like fun! Ed
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    American version of Goodwood?

    Sounds interesting. Ed
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    Track video @ M1 Concourse with NGT

    Cool video. I love the sound. The GT was definitely made to drive on the track. Ed
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    Does this seem normal?

    They all do it. I'll have water on the passenger door bottom from it also. All is good. Ed
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    My new delivery mileage Ford GT

    Welcome F40r! Cool story just starting. Keep us informed! Ed
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    Akrapovic exhaust turning blue?

    More like purple! Ed
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    Advice needed: How to confirm that a GT is the right car?

    Nick - the '05-06 GT is the best all around sports car. Plus you won't lose money if you ever sell. Ultra-reliable & timeless styling! Skyline Blvd has too many bicycles for me nowadays but La Honda Rd to the PCH is better. Join us on our Mini-GT Rallies or let's meet at Alice's. Ed
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    Left/Driver’s Side Cooling System Buzz

    I asked people about GT sounds & was told they know what it is: it's a race car. Ed
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    My day

    Yay! Way to go my friend! Congrats. Ed
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    Multimatic SVO

    Yay Larry & Raj! Ed
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    I thought I ordered all the options?

    Ha ha! Ed