Eddie FourFather Hill’s 2006 Ford GT Heritage For Sale

Price- $439,980.

Eddie FourFather Hill’s 2006 Ford GT Heritage For Sale

2006 Ford GT Heritage edition with 4,918 miles still on original tires and with approximately 700 horsepower.

Because I have been selected to purchase one of the new Ford GT supercars, I am offering to sell this one.

In addition to the Heritage livery, which I understand was limited to 343 cars, mine is equipped with factory equipment Macintosh sound system, red painted brake calipers, and beautiful optional BBS wheels.

My signature line on the forums is "There is no such thing as too much horsepower". So a few miles ago I had the GT guys install a larger, more efficient second generation Whipple supercharger and install the tune to match while they were here doing the fluid changes and installing a Heffner stainless steel “muffler eliminator” exhaust. The exhaust sounds fantastic, and yet not too loud at part throttle while cruising.

To go along with anticipated extra power, I bought a new set of standard Ford GT wheels and had them painted Epic Orange to match the Heritage scheme, and put a set of Hoosier slicks on them. They look fantastic.

About the same time I was making these changes, I became aware that the Heritage values were going up to the extent that I was not comfortable using the upgrades as I originally planned. I have never installed the new wheels with the Hoosier slicks. The stickers are still on the Hoosiers, and the wheels - which I bought new - have never been mounted on a car.

I have never driven the car to experience the extra power of the Whipple installation other than driving the car 22.4 miles to my home from Danny Griner’s shop in Burkburnett. Danny’s shop is where the GT guys did the Whipple supercharger and Heffner exhaust, installed the SCT tune, along with oil and filter change, transaxle fluid change, engine and supercharger intercooler fluid change, and servicing/checking the oil pump drive belt and pulley, cleaning the belly pans, etc.

I purchased the car with 331 miles on it in 2007 from a broker before it had ever been registered. It currently has 4,916 miles and has been driven so gently that it still has the original tires, and they have not been worn even close to the wear bars. The wheels and tires on the car now are the originals, and the only ones ever on the car.

The car lives indoors under a car cover in a heated and air conditioned man cave, and the car sleeps under the same roof that I do. It has never been parked outside overnight, and never been parked anywhere where it would be subject to damage from people or other cars.

I drive the car periodically on my clean 1/4 mile long concrete driveway to circulate the oil and other fluids, to cycle the A/C and heater, and to keep the tires from sitting on the same spots for too long. This drive is on my own property, on my own driveway with the gate to outside closed, so the GT is not exposed to any other vehicles.

This will sound like a sales pitch, but the truth is that almost every mile we have put on the car has been the 60 mile round trip to our little Cowboy Church (actually the first ever, the original, Cowboy Church), and only on pretty days with no rain on the radar. We live just west of Wichita Falls, Texas, and our church is in Henrietta, Texas. Quite a distance to go to church, but it is a very pleasant drive around the east side of Lake Arrowhead, over smooth, well maintained, two lane asphalt, with lots of turns and elevation changes, and either no or very little traffic. This drive is frequently the high point of my week.

The few other miles on the car has been going to car shows, charity events, and parades. I did a short and mild burnout in front of the city fathers in the judges stand during a parade in downtown Wichita Falls with my bride Ercie riding shotgun, telling me I didn't have a hair on my "bottom" if I didn't do it.

My GT has never had any trauma, never been on any kind of a race track. It has never even had a hard stop or any heat in the brakes. It is easy to verify this by looking at the brake discs and pads, which are both original and pristine.

I was blessed with getting an Ariel Atom and an Ultima CanAm at the same time I bought this Ford GT, and so I have done all my track time and racing with those two, instead of taking a chance on damaging this beautiful and rare GT.

Included in the sale are the original supercharger and throttle body, stock muffler, SCT tuner tool to put the tune back to stock, etc., so everything I did is reversible back to original, and I can do that if a buyer wants me to.

The air bag recall was done at my residence recently. Driver and passenger side are both done.

I installed anodized aluminum seat vent rings that look like original GT 40 seats, and a couple of spares are included.

I have new OEM air filters and new oil filters that go with the sale.

All service records go with the sale, although there are not many of those, of course, with less than 5000 miles on the car.

Included with the sale are:

The big shop manual.
The owner’s manual.
Several original GT brochures.
The original car cover with the Ford GT logo and bag.
The original tire inflator air pump, and tow hook.
The original battery tender and carrying case.
The original box of the round number backgrounds and all the numbers that came with the car except the #1 installed on the car now.
Some spare wing nut type fasteners that hold the trunk liner in place (in case you lose one like I did).
The original equipment muffler.
The original equipment supercharger, throttle body, and drive belt
The set of original spark plugs (the GT guys installed a set of cooler spark plugs to go with the larger Whipple supercharger and tune).
The SCT tuner that has the original tune in it in case you want to return to stock. Or if you wish to do additional modifications and adjust the tune accordingly, this will do it.
There is a set of silencer baffles that can be installed in the Heffner polished stainless steel exhaust system in case you want the exhaust note to be a bit quieter, but don’t do that - it is perfect like it is.

The dealer principal Ford GT Portfolio (very rare and nice).
SAE engineering technical papers covering aspects of the GT that are really interesting to a devoted gearhead.

Here is some history about me:

I owned, tuned, and drove the Super Shops/Pennzoil top fuel dragster, later the Pennzoil top fuel dragster, from 1988 through 1999, and was blessed with lots of national records, race wins, strip records, achieved the world’s first four second quarter mile run, the yearly national championship in the National Hot Rod Association in 1993, and have been inducted into five Motorsports Halls of Fame.

I owned, tuned, and drove Top Fuel Hydroplane drag boats for years and was blessed with a lot of race wins, yearly championships, and setting speed records in all the sanctioning organizations, ultimately running 229 MPH. My record was in the Guinness book of World Records for 11 years as the world's fastest propeller driven boat, even though we never ran it past the 1/4 mile to see what the top speed would be on a longer run.

I am so far the only person to have won the Top Fuel Championship on land and water, to set speed records in all four drag boat sanctioning organizations, and the only person to hold the drag racing speed records on land and water simultaneously. I know, I know, that doesn't make my Heritage GT worth more money, but if you do wind up owning it, that fact might be a conversation starter.

It is housed in my race shop in Wichita Falls, Texas, NOT at my downtown EddieHill'sFunCycles.com dealership.

I will be glad to show this fantastic ride to a qualified and serious buyer by appointment only.

Please Google "Eddie FourFather Hill" for info on me, and contact me directly for questions, or more photos.

I am not thinking that this adds to the market value of the car, but strictly as a thank you to the buyer, I will be happy to furnish at no charge and personalize some of my racing memorabilia. This will include diecast dragster replica, eighteen wheeler dragster transporter diecast replica, 300 mph piston, 300 mph connecting rod, and a 24”x36” career highlight poster that lists significant achievements we have been blessed with during my drag racing career from 1956 through 2002.

Also, I would be happy to give a tour of my www.eddiehillsfuncycles.com dealership, now in our 52nd year, where I have on permanent display my “First in the Fours” top fuel dragster, and my 229 mph top fuel hydroplane. Thank you, Lord!

Thanks for looking,

Eddie FourFather Hill
Top Fuel Champion on land and water
Honda, Kawasaki, Polaris, Yamaha, Argo
52 years and counting at same location

NOTE- The orange wheels have never been mounted on the car. I just rolled them up close to the car to take a picture to show what they would look like.


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GT Owner
Dec 9, 2012
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Congratulations on receiving an allocation for a NFGT, Eddie! Your heritage GT looks amazing, and I love the tasteful mods done. It shouldn't be hard to unload that one. Good luck with the sale.


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Jul 26, 2010
Carlsbad, CA
I’m sure you are met with mixed emotions but good luck on the sale. Looks like a great GT and congrats on the NFGT.


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Mar 13, 2010
Richmond Virginia
Eddie. You needn’t explain your legacy —it is there for all to see. Epic. Just got my 18 NFGT in September. I kept my Heritage. It was not an easy decision but I kept both. Join me. Good luck.


Dec 10, 2005
Fort Worth, TX
Eddie, I'll be home in Wichita Falls for my Rider HS 40th Reunion next weekend! Like GTdrummer said, try to hang on to the '06 if you can.
I kept my 2005 FGT (it's up to 55k miles) when my 2018 Heritage FGT arrived. They are a wonderful pair. Sold some other stuff instead.


Feb 20, 2006
Washington Michigan
Ed, I wish you well on the sale but it is bitter sweet. I can remember the day you got her.
In about a month I will have my CF series.......she will have her place in my garage, but my old girl will be next to her.

Hoping this spring I'll make a visit to TX, and if you hear of some guy who bought some stuff, chained to your door & demanding for your autograph.... well that might be me :)



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Aug 8, 2007
Glad to hear you got an allocation for the new car congrats and good luck with the sale... If I was in the market for a 05/06 gt it would be supremely cool to own the one that was previously owned by Eddie Hill .
Hey, Dakota GT, MJSFRX, GTdrummer, Bye Enzo, GTMD, tpraceman, soroush, and Triheart 7, Thanks for the compliments, well wishes, and advice to keep this big booming V-8. It is very, very tempting to keep this one, and I know that there will never be another car built with the looks, SOUND!, and lack of electronic nannies like this one has. I just feel so incredibly blessed to have either one, and it really is a tough call.


Eddie and Ercie


More pictures of my 06 Ford GT Heritage for sale.

The orange painted new wheels with unused (sticker) Hoosier tires are included in the sale of the car, along with the decals in the original equipment Ford GT package, and the Gulf decals that I have not used on the car yet.

Thanks for looking,



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Here is a public answer to a private question.

The GT guys did the install of the big Whipple supercharger with the Accufab throttle body, the Mafia module to allow for the extra boost, a set of cooler spark plugs, and installed the tune with my SCT tuner tool. And they installed my Heffner polished stainless "muffler eliminator" exhaust, and did a maintenance service including fluid changes.

My next step was going to be install the new orange wheels with the Hoosier slicks and do a dyno run to see if we had more or less than the ~700 hp that the other owners were getting with these same mods.

But before I got around to putting the slicks on and doing the dyno run, I noticed where the selling prices of these Heritage cars were. I decided to stop putting miles on it, and not exercise this car the way I had originally planned, and instead use my Ariel Atoms and Ultima Can-Am for my high performance/track thrills.

So I can put the Heritage back to original without ever actually using the extra power that it now has. Since I quit driving it, I have not replaced the original factory-equipped tires. They are the only tires ever on the car. Although they are not worn anywhere close to needing replacement due to wear, they will of course need to be replaced due to age when the car is to be driven again.

Thanks for the inquiry,


Some of the additional items that are included in the sale-

Lots of good info, pictures, and history in this rare dealership principal Ford GT Portfolio.

Thanks for looking,




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Mar 13, 2010
Richmond Virginia
Geez , I hope you are advertising it other than on here. There is a certain amount of desperation after this many posts. No offense, but don’t give it away. There are dealer consigners out there. Anyway, good luck.