A Virtual car show


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May 28, 2011
Fayetteville, Ga.
Was invited as one of 50 cars that will drive through Caffeine and Octanes new garage/studio. Not as exciting as a normal event but at least a start. Also on Instagram and later broadcast on their normal show.

Caffeine and Octane - Live Virtual Car Show Coverage
Join us this Saturday to view a unique 'Caffeine and Octane' experience at 12pm. We are stepping up the quality & online experience of the 'Virtual Car Show' this Saturday and are hoping that you will join us as a viewer! With the help of Ed Coughlin, the executive producer of the Caffeine and Octane TV Show on NBCSN and Skip Smith one of our great hosts. We will be streaming coverage with multiple camera angles and live 'in-car' interviews of a small group of handpicked rides. It will be broadcast live on Facebook and saved to all of our sites to be viewed later as well.

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Oct 24, 2005
Very cool! Seems to be the new trend


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Dec 8, 2013
Atlanta, GA
Hey Gary. I found the rebroadcast. What's the timestamp for your car?

Found it...about 7 minutes into the broadcast.
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