2005-2006 FGT Interior Update/Refresh Package


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Supporting Vendor
Jul 18, 2006
Great White North
I've had a number of new inquiries in the last few weeks.

For those of you looking to update or refresh your FGT interiors, you can choose from 3 different items.

- Always Popular "Hot Buttons" Aluminum Seat Trim Inserts kit
- Replacement Bespoke floor mats - tailored to your spec - Alcantara and Carbon Fiber materials
- Alcantara Quilted Door inserts.

All the above can be added to the interiors without any modifications and can be fully reversed without any markings.

Many GT's by now have had the original rubber floor mats disintegrating into the floor pan oozing production glue leaving a sticky mess.
Even any floor mats in the Ford Parts pipeline are oozing glue within the original packaging.

The Seat buttons give the car the concept design that was originally intended.

Door pads Paired with the mats update the interior - make it feel more like a modern Supercar interior.

If any interest please DM or email direct to spec out any of these.

Package pricing can be provided for multiple items and shipped together.

IMG_7540.JPGIMG_9214 2.jpgIMG_2940.jpg

IMG_2512 2.JPG61922267911__D43750AC-40CE-467C-AF65-46F3DCC07F7A.JPGDSC07477 2.JPG

IMG_2517 2.JPGIMG_2518.JPGIMG_2522.JPG
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